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Jun 19, 2012 04:37 PM

Kimchi in Cleveland

Just moved to Cleveland and I am trying to find either homemade Kimchi or a high quality mass market brand (similar to H-Mart's in house). The kimchi brand from Chicago just isn't cutting it ..the kimchi is bitter and hot but without the tart sweetness I love. I would honestly figure out how to make it myself but I don't think I'd be able to find the ingredients to make it.

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  1. Welcome! You should have no problem finding the ingredients to make it yourself, as we have a sizeable Asian population and a number of asian groceries.

    That being said, there is a Korean stand in the West Side Market (open MWF and Sat), I would check there. I like the kimchee at Seoul Hot Pot on Payne avenue if you are looking to eat-in.

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      I've seen Kim-se which is Cambodian but I haven't seen another stand with Korean food - do you know where it is or what the name is?

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        Sorry, that's the stand I meant. I thought it was a Korean stand.

        Have you been to any of these places? Tink Holl is a well-respected market:

    2. They sell several types of kimchi at the Park to Shop asian market. They usually have plastic containers that look "house-made" (no idea if they actually are tho!) as well as glass jars of other brands.

      1. I know of 4 korean restaurants in Cleveland - the previously mentioned Seoul Hot Pot at 3709 Payne, Korea House at 3700 Superior, Ha Ahn at 3030 Superior, and Miega at 1541 East 38th. I would think you can order kimchi from all of them. As rocknroller said, there are numerous asian markets in town where I'm sure you could find any ingredient you need to make it yourself. In addition to Tink Holl and Park to Shop, there is another large market in Asiatown in the building where Miega is located on East 38th. All three also offer ready to eat carry out items, though I don't know if kimchi is available at any of them. There is also another large market in Warrensville Heights called CAM. It's on Miles Road between Northfield and Warrensville Center. There are 3 smaller asian markets in North Olmsted on Lorain Road. Going west the first is between Clague and Columbia, the second is just before Columbia (in back of Dairy Queen and FatHeads), and the third is past Great Northern Mall just before Dover Center. All three are on the south side of Lorain. Welcome to Cleveland!

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          The one by Fatheads is called J&J Asian Mart. They sell their own homemade kimchi, but you have to order it ahead of time.

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            There is also a Korean grocery just behind Korea House called Kim's Oriental Food that has good kimchi and ingredients.

            For restaurants there is also Seoul Garden in Parma which I haven't tried yet.

          2. It might be a little bit out of your way, but if you happen to find yourself in the Akron area you could try Hana Asian Market ( They have homemade Kimchi and a friendly staff that would probably be more than willing to show you what ingredients you need to make it.

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              I was completely unaware of this Asian market on Portage path. I had been going to the Asian market on Brown street, but Portage Path is closer. TYVM.