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Jun 19, 2012 04:32 PM

Sweet Corn Notes

Sunday (6/17) went to Marin Civic Center Farmers Market and saw that my favorite vendor of sweet corn was set up, first time this season I have seen her. (From Brentwood, of course.) White only, much to my disappointment, but as it was first this year for me I got some. (5 ears for $4.) I was very pleased with it: this is not the super sweet white corn that tastes more like candy than like the corn I grew up with and still crave. I am wondering if it is a new hybrid that is less full of sugar and, if so, whether enough others like me have given up on white corn to make the growers seek a less sweet variety. Any ideas?

And I asked about the possibility of yellow corn this summer and was told it is a matter of timing. They have some planted but as they pick the morning that they come to the market, the yellow has to be just ready to be picked that day. Looking forward to that.

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  1. I bought some fantastic bicolor corn at the Half Moon Bay Farmers' Market on Saturday. The person selling it was also from Brentwood, but I didn't notice the name. The corn was excellent and not too sweet. I miss yellow corn too, but this was awfully good!

    1. Last summer I was delighted to find a local farmer selling yellow corn at the friday farmers market in Cambria on the central coast. But also dismayed to witness shopper after shopper stop there and say they wanted white corn and didn't like yellow corn. I bought extra and thanked the farmer for growing real corn. It's a tough battle.

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        Was at the Walnut Creek farmer's market this morning (Sunday) the "corn ladies" from Brentwood were selling both white and yellow - 2 for $1.00 - booth is usually located at the
        Southern most end of the market (not the Target side)

      2. UPDATE FROM MARIN FRMRS MKT: yesterday (6/24) I revisited the Brentwood "corn ladies" and this time they had bi-color in addition to the white variety. Still no yellow for us. I got the bi-color and it was wonderfully fresh as is always the case from this vendor. However, my original question about the white hybrid remains: does anyone know whether this year's variety is less sugar-full than in recent years? I ask because the bi-color seemed to me sweeter and less corn-flavored than last week's white. Surprise! Bi-color is now my third choice after yellow and white.

        SIDE NOTE: also splurged on a whole Mountain Ranch chicken, $6.99 (!) per lb. Pricey but tasted of real chicken, more "gamey" than the best of Mary's or Fulton, and more like the chicken of youthful memory. Liked it a lot and saw none of the problems described in earlier thread on these chicks.