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We have just too many things which we want to try and need to narrow it down. We are leaving Wednesday June 20th and going through Sunday night. We tend to eat 2 meals a day plus snacks so we have 5 dinners and 4 lunch/brunches. Here is my list.

Sage- dinner (if you insist we keep this, what do we order? Never had oxtail.

Craftsteak- dinner (this restaurant has seemed to get high praise in the past)

Lotus of Siam- dinner- will be our first time, non negotiable unless lunch is recommended

Jaleo- dinner- non negotiable

Comme Ca- dinner- non negotiable unless lunch is recommended- have Groupon

That's 5 dinners already!!

Holsteins- (lunch/dinner)

Wolfgang Puck for pizza/salad- (lunch/dinner) non negotiable as per my wife

DOCG- lunch/dinner for pizza/wine/salad

China Poblano- lunch/dinner

Payard- lunch (recommend restaurant or take out counter is fine?)

Julian Serrano- lunch (never been and we love tapas)

Also- assorted happy hours, see our issue?

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  1. Oh yeah, I also wanted to go to Table 10 for the $10 gumbo. We were not happy last year with the happy hour there but thought that it would be kinda neat to try Emerils gumbo.

    1. Insiders talked us out of Craftsteak when we were in Vegas in May and suggested Prime at the Bellagio instead. It was very good. China Poblano for lunch is an excellent idea. Sit at one of the counters and watch them make the food. Make sure to order lobster tacos!

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        Thanks. Guess I should read some of the past steakhouse reviews. Just running out of time. As far as steak goes, spending top dollar on a piece of meat which melts in my mouth sounds great. I thought that craftsteak was the goto place. Maybe things have changed.

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          We've been to Vegas three times and to Craftsteak every time - I love it there. I'd leave it in (and I'd order the braised short ribs!). That being said, it's the only steakhouse I've been to Vegas, so I have nothing to compare it to.

          Agree on China Poblano for lunch.

        2. I would recommend Milos at the Cosmo for lunch. It's a great deal at $20.12 for three courses. We have also tried the three course at Payard and found Milos to be much better.

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            Perfect. That rules out the Payard brunch. We ate the $20.12 Milos lunch last year and even though we found it to be a good value we are deciding to rule it out this year in favor of different experiences. Two years ago we had the Croque (Monsieur, Madamme?) from the takeout window and found it surprisingly delicious so I think we may go this route again. (Not to mention the chocolates and pastries)

          2. I was in Las Vegas for 5 nights in March, and went to the first four of the five places you listed for dinner as well. I actually ended up enjoying Sage the least, which was very unexpected, given the good things I had read about it on this and other boards, and based on reviews by my mother, who had gone two times in the past. I possibly had the worst short ribs that I have ever had (oddly cooked, not tender, weird texture for short ribs). However, I really enjoyed the egg appetizer and my mother enjoyed her steak. Not sure if the short ribs are always like that, or if I went on an off night. Lotus of Siam was amazing. I think they have the same menu for lunch and also a buffet, but everything I have read has suggested sticking with the menu and not getting the buffett. I highly enjoyed Jaleo (which I think I liked slightly better than Julian Serrano, which I went to on a previous visit in 2010). I also enjoyed Craftsteak, but liked CUT better on a previous visit., in terms of service and quality of the steak. I would also recommend The Barrymore, which is slightly off the strip, in a small, older (but revamped) hotel called The Royal Resort. It is a newer restaurant that evokes an "old Vegas" feel with good American food.

            1. Also, I have highly enjoyed Bouchon (Venetian) and Tableau (Wynn) for brunch.

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                Bouchon has always come with a bitter dismissal as we will NEVER be awake early enough to make brunch. I have not heard amazing things about dinner.

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                  After reading some threads I think CUT will now replace Craftsteak and we are pretty set on trying it.

              2. Lotus of Siam serves the same menu at lunch (along with their buffet) at the same prices as dinner, so you can swap and have another dinner free.

                For steak, check the "Cut of the Week" at Charlie Palmer Steak. If it is to your liking, you will get a topnotch meal including wine and save substantial money with no loss in quality or service.

                1. Sage was one of my favorite dinners from my trip this year. Second behind Le Cirque, and better than Robuchon. I adore foie gras, so I was thrilled with the foie gras brûlée. I ordered the 6 course tasting menu, and they were very nice about allowing me to substitute another dish for one I didn't want (rabbit).

                  1. Jaleo was very disappointing on my trip to Vegas, i had very high hopes, Sage is far superior to Jaleo in any way, jaleo looks like a cheap dinner almost like a Shake and Steak, the food to me was about the same, Sangria disappointing, and nothing on the cocktail menu to make me excited

                    Sage is great food and makes a mean cocktail

                    +1 for Milos for lunch

                    The Bouchon here is not nearly as good as the one in Beverly Hills, maybe try the Pho place for breakfast...Pho is always good after a night of drinking :)

                    happy hour drinks i would suggest the Mandarian Oriental Bar (its a tea shop in the afternoon - i forget the name) they do craft cocktails and are excellent and have a great view

                    1. My 2 cents, just to confuse things further:

                      Lotus - don't miss
                      Craftsteak - very good, but Carnevino is better and more interesting (and I was underwhelmed by CUT)
                      Sage - highly underwhelming
                      Jaleo - solid choice (paella is wonderful), and a fun room
                      Payard - good choice for lunch
                      Happy hour - Mandarin bar with its amazing view and some of the best cocktails on the strip

                      Also agree that Milos for lunch and Bouchon for breakfast.

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                        Agree 100% with Carnevino. I know I recommended Prime earlier on but we like Carnevino much better.