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Jun 19, 2012 03:41 PM

Recommendations needed for our downtown "food crawl"

We're staying at the Royal York for a birthday celebration, and thought a "food crawl" around the area might be nice. Thinking oysters at Starfish, poutine at Smokes, that sort of thing. What is recommended within reasonable walking distance of the Financial District that is easy to access and order just one thing before moving on?

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  1. Kimchi fries at Banh Mi Boys (way, way better than that sounds, trust me). Item of your choice at Agave y Aguadente in Kensington Market. There's also a new place there that is selling colombian empanadas that a friend is raving about. Then up to La Carnita for a taco or two.

    Lots more options, but there's a start. :)

    1. St. Lawrence Market. A bit of a hike (not too bad) but well worth it. It's a food crawl in and of itself.


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        Wherever you eat, I would suggest topping off the night with the dulche de leche with raspberries and caramel (and sea salt) dessert at origin. One of my faves in the city.

      2. Great idea.

        An order of fresh rolls, garlic chicken and some Singha bar from Khao San Road would be nice stop.

        1. I did one of these last night in NYC. Most of the places were tiny and there was 8 of us so we sent 2 people in to get some food to share, then stood outside and passed the food around, each one taking a bite.

          I'm less familiar w/ that area, but I'd hit up Smoke's, Burrito Boyz, and Corned Beef House on Adelaide West, Naz's Falafel on John, and BQM Diner on Queen for sliders. If you're still hungry, cross Spadina for Banh Mi Boys and maybe into Kensington Market for pie, grilled cheese, empanadas, fish and chips, etc. As always, check business hours so there's no surprises.

          1. I don't know why you'd waste calories/stomach space on Smokes - it's a mediocre product. Try Poutini's on Queen (near the drake) instead. Viktor, in the hotel Germaine, actually has a very, very good poutine dish with a veal demi-glace as well, and is in the vicinity of the Financial district. However, if I was going to do a food crawl, I'd head to King/Queen West instead of the Financial district, easily.

            Beast also has an amazing "Gnocchi Poutine" that's one of their signature dishes (King West).

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              I believe Beast is still doing their happy hour (5-7) and so it can be had super cheaply! Please double check that if you go, Suburban.

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                Good call on Beast. Great place to stop in for some bites if they are still doing their happy hour.

                Also, so glad someone finally mentioned Poutini's over Smoke's. Saw this earlier but didnt have the time to respond. You are MUCH better off at Poutini's. Couldn't agree with justxpete any more.

                Khao San Road is also a great one for some spring rolls, a beer. The main's are incredible too but may be a bit filling if you plan on doing a food restaurant crawl