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Jun 19, 2012 02:29 PM

Vegan or vegitarian resturant in Westwood near UCLA

Is there a good vegan or vegitarian restuarnt in Westwood?

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  1. Native Foods Cafe in Westwood Village.

    1114 Gayley Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Wasn't there (isn't there) a vegan or vegetarian Indian food place basically across the street from Native Foods? I thought I saw one while bicycling through the Village one time.

      1. re: Servorg

        Bombay Bite on Gayley?

        1051 Gayley Ave.
        Los Angeles, CA 90024

        1. re: wienermobile

          I thought this place was on Kinross (but maybe it's gone)? Next time I go up in that area I'll swing by to see if it still exists (or if the whole thing was some sort of sleep deprivation hallucination).

    2. I spent 4 (5) years in WW and unfortunately, it's a wasteland food-wise.

      I second Native Foods if you're looking for a place that specializes in that sort of cuisine.

      For Vegetarians, I'd recommend going to 800 degrees (wasn't around when I was in WW), LaMonica's, In'n'Out, or Mongols and getting something without meat.

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      1. re: BrewNChow

        Native Foods (and the new location is great). 800 Degrees has vegan options as well (marinara pizza, add any other vegan toppings you want). The lines are still pretty crazy there, though.

        Shamshiri (and some of the other Persian places) have good vegetarian options, and Shamshiri should be able to do some vegan stuff, but watch out for whey, butter, and other dairy products. Haven't been to Iso for ages (used to go occasionally when I worked over that way), but I think they should have a few things. Napa Valley Grille will do some vegan stuff upon request - it's a bit generic, but not horrible.

        It looks like Bella Pita is still around.

        1. re: will47

          re: the lines at 800 degrees

          the best times i've found to go in order to avoid the lines are 11:30AM and 3:15PM

        2. re: BrewNChow

          800 degrees will do the veggie pizza "marinara", which basically means no cheese. I tried it and it was really good, for vegan no-cheese pizza anyhow. I like the vibe of the place.

        3. Thanks so much everyone!!!! I love Chowhound!!! We went with Native Foods Cafe, but thanks for the info about 800...I WILL be going by before too long :)! Thank you again

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          1. re: amberonskja

            There's also Nature's Way, which is just around the corner from Native Foods, I think (is Native Foods where Real Food Daily used to be?), on Lindbrook.... Kind of a fast food feel, but not bad (only went once many yrs ago....).

          2. Thanks for the info. Sounds good.