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Jun 19, 2012 02:10 PM


Had a successful fishing trip in Hawaii and returned to SF with more nabeta than I can use. Nabeta are razor wrasse, a small fish that is prized in Hawaii and normally taken home by commercial fishermen rather than sold. They are bony, but have tasty white flesh. They are typically fried with the skin and scales on. The scales become crispy and add crunch.

If anyone is interested in trying these as salt and pepper fish (will be at a Chinese restaurant in the Outer Richmond district of SF) the evening of Wed, June 20, please let me know ( They are small, so probably at most enough for 5 additional diners--preference for icthyophiles.

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  1. How nice to offer to share your catch ...... sorry I won't be able to take you up. Have a great meal!

    1. Would love to hear from anyone who was able to join you for this nabeta feast, wish I could have been there.