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Jun 19, 2012 01:22 PM

Peaks of the Peaks?

Hello from a Vancouver, BC 'hound!

We'll be visiting the Peak District for a week and will be staying near Leek. I'd be very grateful for any recommendations you can offer for great eats in the area (have cars, can get around).

We'll have an assortment of family with us, who appreciate good chow but aren't necessarily that adventurous. Superb country pubs, tearooms would suit the group best. Great places for real ale would sure suit me.

I'm also interested in good sources of provisions - butchers, bakers, green markets, cheese mongers - in the area as we'll have a full kitchen our disposal and I'd enjoy preparing some meals for the group.

Many thanks for your tips!

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  1. Staffordshire is generally a foody desert and I don't really get into that part of the Peaks. The Good Food Guide lists The George at Alstonefield, near to Leek.

    As for tea rooms, and quite decent lunch opportunities, there's the palce at the Chatsworth Farm Shop (in itself, just about the best place to buy quality food for miles around).

    Depending on when you're there, Bakewell has a first rate farmers market on the last Saturday of the month and, again, offers really good shopping opportunities.

    You'll probably need to drift towards the northern part of the Peaks for real ale when you'll want to look out for Robinson's pubs. Produced just north of the National Park in Stockport, it was a beer to which I was particularly attached in my drinking days.

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      Harters, you were attached to Robinsons because it was cheaper than everyone else's.

      For the Peaks, I'd just pick up one of the pub guides.

    2. It may be further than you want to go for a meal, but the Lord Clyde in Kerridge (just North of Macclesfield) could be a good place to go if you fancy a walk in that area, or as a doable detour after a day in Buxton. It's about 15 miles from Leek.

      It's a great pub, which gets relatively little attention, but the bloke in the kitchen knows what he's doing - really good food and some interesting combinations. Go for the NW platter for a shared starter - it's a great idea and delicious.


      Aside from that, I would also suggest that you look in the good pub guide for pubs in the area, and maye Hardens too.

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        Lord Clyde is excellent and there's the opportunity to walk off a big lunch along the nearby canal bank.