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Jun 19, 2012 01:19 PM

Vancouver food help

Sup grannies and grampies,

Hollering down to Vancouver in early July. Hoping U can tell me where 2 find some pre-cooked prawns and other good shellfish to take my rm, as I will not have cooking facilities.

Further hoping for tips on best cheap/efficient sushi; priority is spicy salmon and dynamite rolls


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  1. Sup.

    Granville Island's Lobster Man will cook your shellfish

    Cheap sushi: there are too many to list. Depends on where you are staying.

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    1. re: fmed

      Good reply homles. Am staying around Cole Harbour - Lobster Man looks good, anything closer to there though that cooks?

      As for sushi - need stuff in the same proxcimity. Read a lot about Miko, I think it was. PCE.

      1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

        Miko is a place to get traditional sushi (nigiri etc, they will serve you rolls, but may silently detest you for ordering them). Not cheap. Miku (with a "u") serves more modern stuff, but pricey like Miko. If you just want spicy rolls, etc, you should just go to one of the budget joints on Robson St. - eg Robson Sushi or Sushi Mart (which actually has decent budget sushi).

        1. re: fmed

          Again, great reply bro. Don't mind paying Miko's prices for a few rolls (if they won't hate me too much) as a one-off thing, if the quality is well worth it - U think so?. Sushi Mart looks boom-boom (California, tuna and salmon roll for $6.25!?) for value, if you say the quality is good I'll probably grab me some rolls.

            1. re: fmed

              You continue to impress with your string of straight-up G replies. You don't know of any good places for pre-cooked shellfish that are closer to Coal Harbour than Granville, do ya? PCE out.

              1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                Maybe the whole foods on robson? Pre-cooked shellfish isn't really that prevalent here...

                1. re: barcosbarcos

                  I was going to suggest WF as well. I am not certain. I may have seen defrosted King Crab legs, lobster tails or something similar. (Though I may have been at Costco).

                  Takeout shellfish cooked to order is a rarity here - Lobsterman is the only place that I know that does it for sure.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Whole Foods does have precooked shellfish on offer occasionally but from the smell it's been sitting for a while and was sitting even longer before it was boiled-To Be Avoided!

                    1. re: Sam Salmon

                      I generally want to avoid WF, so Salmon's comment doesn't surprise me.

                      What's the fastest way to get to Granville Island from the Coal Harbour area without a car?

                      Also, best place to get smoked salmon and candied salmon respectively (preferably the same location)?

                      1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                        "What's the fastest way to get to Granville Island from the Coal Harbour area without a car?"

                        If you're on West Georgia, take #19 eastbound, get off on Pender at Granville, at that very same bus stop wait for #50 southbound which takes you across False Creek via Granville Bridge ...... get off bus at the first stop at the bridge's W.4th eastbound off-ramp:


                        from there it's a fairly short walk to the island's entrance.

                        1. re: LotusRapper

                          There's a new food truck, Street Meet, (@streetmeettruck) that'll have a crab boil going on Granville Island on Saturdays - starting tomorrow.

                          There's a new food truck meeting spot where Go Fish is, not sure who else is there, but also one to check out.

                          1. re: LotusRapper

                            What LotusRapper said, but the 50 bus will actually take you a few blocks closer to the island than the cloverleaf stop. Anderson, I believe the right stop is.

                            Great candied salmon (Indian candy) and smoked salmon at the Salmon shop in the main market building.

                            While you are there, drool over the pate counte at Oyama, right across the aisle!

            2. re: fmed

              Sup homie, hope ya don't mind my bustin' another question into your grill.

              Any other recco's for sushi proximate to Coal Harbour? Looking for good budget I can raid at night for cheap (but good rolls) to eat in mah hotel rm, but also slightly nicer at a higher price pt to pay during the day. Robson St is ok. PCE out

              1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                Sushi Mart should fill the bill for budget. Miko and Miku for the "nicer" options.

                1. re: fmed

                  Up vote for Sushi Mart. That is what you are looking for.

                2. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                  The Onigiri and Donburi at Konbiniya on Robson are serviceable. Their dessert crepes are pretty good as well.

          1. If you're not from Vancouver, I would really recommend going to one of the izakayas close by to you. Guu with garlic - you'll like the Ebi mayo there better than any dynamite roll. Next get the beef tataki and the pumpkin and egg korokke (croquette). (I think I may be going to dinner there now after writing all of this).

            1. I'm presently on the ground in Vancouver. I know I've asked multiple times, but does anyone have any final tips on getting precooked shellfish? It seems elusive. A few grocery stores have those tiny baby rock shrimp I think they're called... a place near us called Urban Fare or Urban Market or something also had little packages of cooked dungeness crab, so baring any miracle discoveries I may just raid those places.

              I'm also told the Lobster Man place on Granville only cooks crab + lobster to order... hopefully I can twist their arm into doing me a pound or so of prawns.

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              1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                Most of the seafood vendors on Granville Island have pre-cooked shrimp as well. I haven't seen prawns too often but you could try Seafood City there.

                1. re: MunchingGrassnFish

                  I'd expand your options by going to any seafood restaurant and ordering prawns, shellfish, etc. to go. I don't see why a regular restaurant won't do that - Cardero's, Rodney's Oyster Bar, Joe Fortes, etc.