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Jun 19, 2012 11:52 AM

Inexpensive Celebration Downtown??


I don't normally need help knowing where to eat in Toronto but I'm unsatisfied with what I've come up with so far and am hoping someone out there will show me the light.

My dad is turning 65 and we'd like to go to a restaurant to celebrate. There will be 6 adults and a 1-year-old. Price is an issue. Ideally entrees would be $25 or under. But we'd like the setting to be conducive to a celebration - but also accommodate a baby.

We were thinking French or Italian, though other options are also a possibility. We all live downtown, and for the baby's sake would like it to be fairly close to home. So far, we've come up with Le Paradis, Le Select and Big Ragu. Le Paradis is closest to home but the others are fine, location-wise.

Any other suggestions?


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  1. Try Dimmi's in Yorkvile, great food, nice atmosphere, you can take a stroll after and have ice cream.

    1. I like the Mercatto on Toronto street. It is smaller than the other locations but I think it feels more special because of that.

      1. What about Playa Cabana?