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Jun 19, 2012 11:42 AM

Want Amazing Tortillas? Head Over to Maizal Quesadilla Cafe in Liberty

It just opened yesterday. They grind their own corn and make fresh tortillas every day. Had the beef tinga grilled quesadilla. The tortilla was one of the best I’ve ever had. The beef tinga and melted cheese filling was good but the tortilla really stole the show. Salsas made in house. Salsa verde was good but the salsa roja was my favourite.

You have to check this place out. I’m really happy to have them so close to my office. Prices were really good too. Lunch was under $7.50 including tax for the quesadilla and small salad covered in salsa fresco.

Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. Next time, I'm trying the sopas.

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  1. Thanks for the rec. For those curious where in Liberty Village it is I googled it and found out it is in the old Liberty Belle Bistro space on Jefferson.

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      GREAT! Big space! Things are looking up.

    2. went for lunch but was pretty disappointed...the spinach/cheese fried quesadilla was so bland and really lacking any flavour or seasoning. Shell was brittle and greasy.
      The grilled beef was better, but not great. The tortilla again was brittle...making it difficult to eat and the flavour just wasn't there.
      The mild salsa with it was fresh but added no flavour at all.

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          I went again today for lunch. It keeps getting better and better. Chicken pibil was super flavourful. And those tortillas? Crazy good. Beans were added to the plate as a new side. Also really tasty. This place will be in my regular lunch rotation in Liberty.

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            The reviewer is a bit clueless. Nixtamal is just dried corn soaked in heated slaked lime water(calcium hydroxide) to loosen the kernels' husks. It's the process used widely in Mexico to make fresh masa and nothing extraordinary. The results taste and smell wonderful relative to masa harina but the Maizal crew isn't performing a miracle.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Whre did they say anything about performing a miracle? The reviewer just said they use a traditional Nixtamal techniques for grinding corn.

          2. Really enjoyed my lunch from here. Beef tinga quesadilla was terrific with the fresh tortilla being a real standout for me as well. The salad and beans were delicious too. My only complaint was the way they pack for takeout - my second quesadilla was sopping wet on one side. I'd like to see the salad packaged separately, or some wax paper involved. I get they are trying to cut down on packaging, but wet quesadilla = boo.

            Still I'll be here once a week. Also, I heard after I ordered that one can mix and match, like get two different quesadillas, and just pay the price of the more expensive of the two as a set. I'll be doing that next time. The owner was also telling someone that the tacos take a long time and they're pondering having them dine-in only as people wait too long otherwise.

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              I think this is why I was so disappointed in my experience...we got takeout..both quesiadillas were is same container with salad and everything got soggy together..

            2. tried it today and it was delicious! best corn tortillas i have had outside of mexico, stuffed with tasty seasoned huitlacoche (corn fungus - a special today) and oaxaca cheese. tasted very much like the quesadillas i would order on the street when i was in mexico. also had a very flavourful horchata. can't wait to try the other menu items! very friendly staff as well.