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Jun 19, 2012 11:25 AM

Great hot dogs near downtown Tampa

I had some time to kill at the University of Tampa (downtown Tampa) last week and went looking for a place to get a bite. I discovered probably the best hot dog I have had in recent memory at a little college hangout called Frankie's. The place is a haven for UT students as you can imagine and prices and the food are terrific if my meal is any indication. They are foot-long beauties and they serve them in a gang of varieties. Fries and sides were great also and they had lots of icy beers on tap. I opted for the Chicago style dog and it was wonderful. When you bite into the dog you get that longed-for "pop" and the inside is super tender and juicy. It reminded me of a wurst I tried in Copenhagen from a kiosk on a walking street some years ago. They were called "polsers" and Frankie's are the closest thing I have found in the states. Frankie's is located at 909 W. Kennedy Blvd. just around the corner from the UT main entrance. I also noticed they have nightly specials aimed at the student wallet. Lots of TVs around for sports fans. I liked the dogs so much I bought a 5lb. bag (35.00) and took the little beauties home. Enjoy!

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  1. I met a friend of mine for lunch there a year or so ago and I really liked it... I remember they were inexpensive, fresh tasting, and offered in a bunch of variations... Makes no sense I haven't been back... I don't think they struck me as being top-shelf dawgs, but that's not a criticism... I thought they were right and good for the price... I'll go again incredibly soon to fine-tune my take on da place...

    1. I can confidently advise avoiding the hot dog stand just to the east of the County Court House. I shall check out Frankie