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Jun 19, 2012 10:47 AM

Food & Wine event in Aspen

I read somewhere that this event had been cancelled/curtailed due to the drought in Colorado; then
a friend told me her daughter attended the event. What??????? Any 'hounds attend and if so, how
was it?

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  1. I did not attend but it was not cancelled. I attended a food/wine event in Denver last Thursday evening and a few of the people there were talking about heading up there either that night or the next day.

    1. I didn't attend but have friends who did so I know it took place. No idea if it was curtailed.

      1. I attended- it was not curtailed or cancelled. It was a madhouse!

        1. I went and as always, it was great fun. Far from being cancelled or curtailed, they actually added a fun run and a concert to celebrate 30 years. I went to Ming Tsai's seminar -- he was very funny but not very informative. They had the F&W Best New Chefs serving food in the Grand Tasting Tent -- had some terrific octopus, something i have never made at home.