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Jun 19, 2012 10:40 AM

last minute trip to Chicago - looking for a french restuarant

My partner and I will be in Chicago this weekend, but only have one night free. We both love french food. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great french restaurant, preferred non-'fusion', that will have last minute reservations available?

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  1. I'd give Les Nomades a try. On such short notice, you might be stuck with something like 6 p.m. at a top-tier French restaurant.

    1. Once upon a time, Chicago was full of good traditional French restaurants. So many of them are gone. French food is just not that popular anymore so getting a reservation at a traditional French restaurant ought not be a problem. I am partial to La Sardine in the West Loop. The same owner also has another restaurant, Le Bouchon, in Wicker Park, but I've never eaten there. Both serve bistro-type French food.

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        + 1 on La Sardine. Traditional French bistro food done to the highest order.

      2. For really creative great French food, Everest is THE place in town, the last of the classic formal French restaurants (rather than upscale fusion). It features an amazing wine list and a view looking out over the city from the 40th floor of the Midwest Stock Exchange building. A quick glance at shows that you can still get reservations for this weekend, even for Saturday night if you're flexible about what time you eat.

        For a more casual experience with traditional French bistro cuisine, go with one of our many excellent French bistros. I second (or third) the recommendations below for La Sardine. You can check reservations on their website (they accept them there or over the phone, but not on Opentable).

        1. everest is fantastic...could easily be a michelin **