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Jun 19, 2012 10:36 AM

Staten Island - near ferry

Can anyone suggest a good place for dinner on Staten Island near where the ferry docks?

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  1. Enoteca Maria. It's just a few blocks from the ferry terminal. The menu changes each night, and the food is created by Italian 'grandmothers' from different regions of Italy. I found the food to be excellent, the portions generous, and the atmosphere welcoming. Another bonus...the open-plan kitchen allows you to see the grandmas in action.

    1. BESO, right across from the ferry on SCHYLLER street.
      Enoteca on eblock from ferry on HYATT STREET
      Lakrawana, Sri Lankan, continues to get amazing press and is delish! (broad and bay)
      Honor Wines, great new wine shop open RIGHT across the street from the ST. George Post Office at 36 bay street (to the left as you walk out of the ferry) EXCELLENT, COOL, CHEAP selection of wines. They have tastings on Friday after work...(stop by before Lakrawana, to BYOB!!) and you can buy a bottle and "toast" on the ferry! (buy a screw top!)
      Blu, opened in the old TUGS..great a little salty when I was there, but pretty and worth a try...(short bus or long walk to the right as you get off the boat)
      Simon's Steaks, (street food shack) right across from the ferry to the is hit or miss burgers and philly cheese steak...but when they hit is SOOOOOO juicy and delish and when they miss, cheap enough to forgive!

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        Any more recent recommendations, particularly for lunch?

        We'd be taking the ferry from Manhattan and are happy to walk 20 minutes or so for something interesting or especially good versus merely adequate.

        1. re: dolcevita_sf

          Just had a great lunch at Ruddy and Dean right across the street from the ferry...a bit pricey but really amazing if you like serious RED MEAT. for more casual like street food I would walk up victory BLVD. to monroe and corson to check out tacos at Taco Azteca and sri lankan at San Rasa ir consider a good sit down Mexican lunch at Fiesta Poblano. (all of these are within a half a block of eachother) For amazing Indian, including phenomenal naan get back on victory and walk toward Cebra Avenue and go to Dosa Garden. (about a 10 minute walk from Monroe and Corson.) Happy meandering!

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              I had a veg curry at San Rasa a couple of weeks ago. It was quite good, tasted rather dry, but perhaps that is the way it is done in Sri Lanka, compared to an Indian offering.

            2. re: dolcevita_sf

              I'm going to second Enoteca Maria. We went there for my son's 30th birthday (a few months ago) and we're all still raving about it.

              Doesn't open until 4:30, so it's late afternoon snack/dinner only.