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Jun 19, 2012 10:21 AM

Road Trip from Pittsburg - Winchester VA - Morgantown W VA

Will be heading to Pittsburg for a business trip and will be coming in early to do a little exploring. Heading from Pittsburg on East I - 76 landing in Winchester Va. where I will site see for a day. Then head west on 522 then 68 to Morgantown W VA.

Any good or special eating places along the way? Nothing fancy - prefer local fair when possible.

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  1. IF the restoration work was done, I would recommend the Triangle Diner in Winchester. Its a historic old diner, not the least of which because it is where Patsy Cline used to work.

    If you like slider style burgers and maybe a milkshake, and in the mood to stretch your legs, on the Pedestrian Mall in Winchester there is the old-school Snow White Grill, last of a small regional chain back in the 40s. They were making sliders decades before it became trendy . It has maybe a dozen stools but I think you can also eat out on the mall.

    There was also a pretty good local place called the Naked Oyster but I heard it changed names, then back again, and I think it is now closed. If I remember anywhere else I ate there I will reply again

    1. About six weeks ago, I was bidding on Priceline for a Saturday night hotel room in the Winchester/Front Royal/Strasburg zones. After a few bid rejections, my $41 bid ($52.84 after taxes and fees) was accepted by the Strasburg Fairfield.

      Since I’d never been to Strasburg before, I did a Google search for Strasburg restaurant reviews.

      Christina's Cafe in Strasburg, located off I-81 about a mile south of the junction of I-68 and I-81, appeared to be the best prospect. Excellent food and ambiance!

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