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Jun 19, 2012 10:12 AM

PYO Cherries?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend places to pick cherries? The only place I've been able to find so far, Parlee Farms, apparently lost its crop this year due to cold temperatures in April.

I'm especially interested in Rainier or Royal Ann (yellow/pink) cherries, if those varieties are available... But I'll take anything.


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    Smolak farms in Andover

    Sweet Cherries. Only been strawberry and pumpkin and blueberry. But I like the baked goods (esp the pies) and ice cream and slushies.

    We also feed the animals.

    Good luck! Have fun!

    1. Parlee lost their cherry crop? Waaaaahhhh...though as I recall, they only had a few Rainier trees for picking.

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        It was one of the most catastrophic years for cherries on record. Michigan lost 80-90% of their crop. The warm March and then the freeze (which wasn't as bad for us as for Northern Michigan) was devastating.

      2. Almost too late for this year, but for future reference - I just learned that Tougas Family Farm has Rainiers, too. Tomorrow is the last day for picking them, though. Sorry I didn't find out about it sooner.