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Jun 19, 2012 09:36 AM

South Street has come to Cherry Hill! is now open in Cherry Hill, NJ and is just as wonderful as the South Street location:) MY husband's and mine fav take out meal from the S.S. location tasted just as wonderful when brought home from NJ:)!!! WE happen to LOVE getting a couple of orders of grilled wings and a side of couscous for a no fuss but super yummy dinner. WE have done this several times from the S.S. location but this past Sunday found us in Cherry Hill and I had no desire to cook dinner. So we tried the CH location and boy were we PLEASED! It is located in the Ellisburg Shopping Center next to Ritas (non kosher thought htere is a kosher one elesewhere in CH!) at the end near the MC D's. LIke the SS location it is orange and greeen inside with some lovely art work on the walls by local young artists:) The menu looked to be the same and the taste was wonderful! Service was prompt and kind and my only "issue" if you can call it an issue is we had to smell the wings that were locked in our trunk all the way home. They somehow made it there and were so yummy! Lucky, lucky people of CH!

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  1. Burgers etc are as fabulous as at South St and Chestnut St. They have even crispied up their french fries somewhat. Please when you go recommend to the owner/management that they use the same wonderful and chewy store-baked hamburger rolls as in the Philadelphia operations. If enough people complain they might do something about it - they are serving those lucious burgers on cheapo over the counter supermarket rolls.

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      Sadly I will get to the CH location about as often as I get to the Chestnut Street location, which is VERY infrequently:( I thought the plan was to use the same homebaked rolls in CH that they use on SS. Maybe they will soon!

    2. I was there last night, had a grilled chicken sandwich. The bread was horrible and the amount of chicken in the sandwich was laughable (imagine a. Chicken finger per half of sandwich - no joke). This upsets me so much. I'm tired of kosher places putting out inferior product thinking we the kosher consumer have no choice but to go there.

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        I am really surprised to hear about your experience. I go there quite often and have never found the portions small. I never bought the grilled chicken sandwich, but I have bought the steak sandwich and the burgers, and they were quite generous. You might want to try some of the other menu items - I personally have really enjoyed all my meals there.

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          Never been to the Cherry Hill location, but both on South St. and Chestnut have had miniscule portions (particularly the tiny, overcooked burgers). Wish it wasn't the only game in town.

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          Was this on a long roll? The long rolls they have really are horrible. Try a burger.

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            We Cherry Hillniks are a bit more sophisticated than we get credit for by those "who dwell on the other side" of the Delaware or Hudson Rivers - in fact most of us are former citizens of those countries. If the owners don't shape up with the portion size on the non-burger menu items and the quality of the rolls and buns, they will be out of business by the end of the summer. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the owners to give them a heads up on these problems? I believe I have met one of them (taciturn un-smiling Israeli) and I did recommend to him that he use the same buns as he does in Philly. A friend of mine complained about the amount if chicken in the grilled chicken sandwhich too. I was there last nite and no change in the bun. The lamb burger is still awesome if you chuck the bun.