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Jun 19, 2012 09:02 AM

Charleston crab legs

I am new to Charleston and have friends coming to visit that would like to eat good crab legs. Are there any restaurants that would be good for this? I figured there would be alot, but haven't been very successful in finding many. I haven't heard great things about Charleston Crab House. What's the deal with that place? Thanks for your help!

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  1. The premier Charleston poster on this site, Sue in Mt P, recently gave this advice to a poster who asked about crab legs:

    "Just FYI, crab legs come from Alaska so any you get will have been frozen. You might be able to find some on a Chinese buffet in West Ashley, but I'm not sure.The local shrimp season has just started and they are really sweet this year."

    My advice is to forget crab legs and go for whats local and fresh. Lots of posts on here about many fine Charleston restaurants.

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      Aw, dawg, you make me blush!

      megan984, with so much great local fish, and with the shrimp in season, maybe you can educate your friends to pick something different. Once you get used to eating the fresh stuff those crab legs will look kid of sad in comparison.

      If you choose one of the great places in the HD (and you should) find out what the fish special is and get that. FIG always has several from which to choose.