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Jun 19, 2012 08:21 AM

Work Dinner Near Times Square

Hi all, I'm looking for a spot for dinner tonight for a work dinner near Times Square. My boss prefers traditional spots like Il Tinello, for example. Thinking a steakhouse would be good. The main consideration would be that it be quiet enough to have a detailed conversation. Any thoughts on Wolfgangs? Appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. How many people (just you and the boss?) and do you have a budget? Post this info and you'll get a bunch of help from posters.

    1. Thanks for the tip cookies! 4 people. Upper end of the budget spectrum. Not Per Se budget, but high end.

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        Do you mean the flagship Wolfgang's on Park & 33rd? Forget it! Incredibly noisy. However, the Wolfgang's on 54th & 3rd is conversation-friendly. Very good food and service.

        While I like Wolfgang's, Keens is our favorite. In addition to superb steaks, chops, etc., and excellent service, there is the unmatchable Old NY ambiance.

        1. re: RGR

          This is the one on 41st that I got a reservation at, more as a place holder than anything else. Sadly no availability for Keen's tonight, but it looks like the right ambiance and feel!

          1. re: jumbolaw

            Too bad about Keens.

            I forgot that Wolfgang's opened a branch on 41st. Obviously, I can't tell you about the noise level (though I suspect it's like 54th St.). But as I said, the food is very good.

            I think Ai Fiori is an excellent place for a business dinner. The contemporary Italian/Mediterranean cuisine is superb (Michael White's pastas are always amazing!); service is attentive; the decor is attractive; and even when the large space is full, the noise level remains low. If you go, request a round table.

            Photos of our most recent dinner at Ai Fiori:

            If your boss likes French cuisine, you might consider Adour Alain Ducasse. The cuisine, while contemporary, is in the classic mold; service is cordial and polished, and the elegant dining room is very conversation-friendly.

            Photos of our most recent dinner at Adour:


            1. re: RGR

              Very much appreciate the advice RGR! Adour looks amazing, as does Ai Fiori. Unfortunately I think they might be too gourmand for his tastes. If it was up to me, I'd pick either in a heartbeat.

              1. re: jumbolaw

                To be honest, we haven't been to any of the upscale traditional Italian restaurants. In fact, I'd not heard of Il Tinello until you mentioned it. Felidia (which I think fits that category) has been on my "go to" list forever. I'm sure we'll get there at some point.

                Perhaps other Hounds will chime in with appropriate suggestions. If not, I think Wolfgang's is a good choice.


                1. re: RGR

                  Il Tinello is as old school as it gets. Everything is brought out on a cart, what seems like hundreds of Italians swarming around the table taking care of things. Excellent food and service, just a little on the old fashioned end of the spectrum for me. I took my boss to Craft in LA and I think he hated it. Different strokes I suppose. We may end up at The National, which is close to our hotel, if Wolfgang's gets vetoed. Very much appreciate all the advice!

                  1. re: jumbolaw

                    We're certainly not opposed to "old school." After all, we love La Grenouille. You now have me thinking about going to Il Tinello. I was just looking at their website. Interesting that they don't bother with prices. As the expression goes, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

                    P.S. MenuPages has the prices. As I said.... :)