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Jun 19, 2012 08:20 AM

Vacation Ideas?

For me, a good vacation includes nice sightseeing opportunities, and good, or at least halfway decent kosher restaurants. Depending on frozen meals, or on supermarkets, doesn't do it for me.
We live in the NYC area, and over the years, are grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to London, Paris, Jamaica, Puerto Rico,
Toronto, Montreal, L.A., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Canadian Rockies, Miami, Boca, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, the Berkshires, Niagara Falls, Brandywine River Valley, many of which met my criteria.
For about a week this summer, we are ideally looking for a new destination, in the continental U.S. or Canada, a drive or flight away from the NYC area, not too hot temperatures, fun and or interesting sightseeing, possibly theater or entertainment, and maybe even a beach, so my husband can get in a morning swim - and at least one or two decent (not necessarily fancy) kosher eateries.
Any suggestions? Daytrips, & overnight ideas are also appreciated.
Thank you very much!

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Thanks! Are there any kosher restaurants near Hilton Head? Would it be very hot this time of year?

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        Sorry, I meant Myrtle Beach. There are a couple good options, according to the thread below. It's not yet too hot there.

    2. LA Jolla/San Diego Area, Atlanta, Denver

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      1. re: mamaleh

        Thanks! haven't been to any of these places. I'm a little afraid of the altitude in Denver.
        San Diego and Atlanta are definitely possibilities, but will have to check the summer climate, and things to do.

        1. re: Bzdhkap

          San Diego is lovely weather-wise. Atlanta is not.

          1. re: DeisCane

            San Diego weather is usually perfect all year round. There are actually only two seasons: daytime and nighttime.

            Exceptions are May gray/June gloom (65-70 but overcast), one week in August will be hot (80!), one week of rain around December and every few years there is a fire in October. (smoky air.)

            Other than that it's 70 and sunny all the time.

        1. re: AdinaA

          TONS to see do and EAT in Baltimore:)

          1. re: AdinaA

            Thanks! I forgot to add Baltimore to my been there, done that list. New Orleans is on my to-do list for A cooler time of year.

            1. re: AdinaA

              What kind of kosher places does New Orleans have? It always seemed to me to be such a treif food destination, I hadn't really thought of considering it for a vacation. But maybe you'll convince me otherwise?

              1. re: queenscook

                There are two kosher places in NOLA. Both are wonderful but you need a car. In addition the famous Cafe du Monde is now kosher (wasn't when I was there.) They are world famous for a doughnut called "beignet" and chicory coffee. Neither one sounds appealing to me, but they are located in an amazing spot near the river.

                1. re: SoCal Mother

                  Du Monde is kosher??? I'm booking a flight now. The smell of those beignet's frying always drove me nuts. Can't wait to try them. Jazz Festival (then Weight Watchers), here I come!

                  1. re: mamaleh

                    Yes, but I don't know about parve/CY.

                    It's a doughnut Mamaleh!!! It may look exotic but it's just a doughnut. The chicory coffee is awful. I don't get what the fuss is about.

                    When I was there I bought a box of beignet mix for a gift (for a non-Jewish friend amusingly) and it had chof-k if I remember correctly. You can get it online.

                    I admit I have never tasted a beignet, but I have tasted Krispy Kremes and I don't understand that either.

                    But I loved New Orleans and would like to go back.

                2. re: queenscook

                  Since the hurricane, the Jewish community has consolidated in Metarie, a suburb. The kosher place there is a large grocery/butcher/bakery/catering operation with tables. And GREAT jambalaya. They will deliver to downtown hotels.

                  I think there is a second restaurant in Metarie. It is fun to sit at Le Monde and have cafe au laid and a donut, with all the other tourists.

              2. Vancouver? I've never been but have heard only good things. There are several kosher restaurants, I don't think it ever gets too hot, and it's near gorgeous outdoorsy places.

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                  1. re: mamaleh

                    There is a fancy restaurant in Vancouver that sends out coupons if you "like" their Facebook page.

                    1. re: SoCal Mother

                      Maple Grill has discounts??! Great! Food is fantastic!

                1. If you are willing to fly anywhere, then my choice is Vancouver and then San Diego. Alternatively, San Francisco and that area. San Diego gets you guaranteed weather as mentioned before and nice hotels walking distance to La Jolla shul which is in a very nice area. Also, major takeout at the Ralphs supermarket with every kind of kosher plus Shabbos takeout. Vancouver is just so beautiful (mountains, ocean, clean, green, parks..). We got food in Vancouver and went to Whistler--the ski town--which has all kinds of activities in the summer. Vancouver also has cultural options, shows, concerts. Victoria Island. Please report back what your choice was. I believe we can only afford Virginia this summer.

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                  1. re: cappucino

                    Actually let us know before you go. Maybe someone on the list might want to host you or at least meet you...

                    I am planning a trip to Houston this summer. (Yes, I know, I know...Really! I know!)