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Jun 19, 2012 07:48 AM

After Dinner Drinks in Charleston

I am bringing my wife to Charleston the weekend of June 30th for our anniversary. We will be eating lunch on Saturday at Cru Cafe, dinner on Saturday at Husk and brunch on Sunday at High Cotton. I also was looking for a good place to grab some drinks or a glass of wine after dinner on Saturday. Any recommendations? A comfortable atmosphere is preferred and having a good view is a plus as well.

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  1. The Cocktail Club, Hall's Chophouse, Vendue RoofTop, Pavillion Hotel Rooftop Bar, Social Wine Bar

    Those should be good!

    1. The bar at Husk is fun! And it's not in the's a separate building. Amazing cocktails. The Vendue rooftop has a great view but the drinks are only OK in my opinion. Very casual. We tried to go to Cocktail Club last time we were in town (a pretty long walk from where you'll be) and we couldn't get a seat but it loked nice. Social Wine Bar was very loud and filled with a bunch of college kids - we didn't even go in. Husk was definitely our favorite.

      1. That's an excellent restaurant line-up!

        The Gin Joint, no question. It's on East Bay across from High Cotton, and isn't too far a walk from Husk. They have a patio out front, but I'd recommend sitting at the bar if there are seats available.

        Social is an excellent place to go for wines, but is usually loud and crowded after dinner. Husk's bar is great, too! Cocktail Club leaves a lot to be desired.

        High Cotton's bar is also great and has a really good jazz band...

        1. You have a good list to research.

          You have a choice: great view or good drinks. I like to go to the Market Pavilion rooftop, but you're there for the view and a $10 plastic cup of ok wine.

          The Gin Joint and McCrady's aren't far away and both have the atmosphere you describe.

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            what about the wine bar around the corner from Husk? I'm blanking on the name. Comfortable, although not that much view.

            1. re: danna

              Bin152? I like it a lot, but you're right, danna. No view.

            2. re: Sue in Mt P

              The Wife and I had drinks at Gin Joint last summer. Not bad at all. The food was pretty good as well, but I wouldn't go just for the food.