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Jun 19, 2012 07:33 AM

Berry infusion - how long?

Hi all,

Last night I popped a quart or so of fresh strawberries, sliced, into 500mL of overproof rum. After two hours I noticed that the berries had already given up the majority of their color, and were now light pink and floating in intensely red liquid. A quick taste revealed that the rum was certainly heavily strawberry flavored.

This morning, no real change in color. (Although I wasn't able to taste.)

Most liqueur recipes I've seen say to leave the fruit in the liqueur for several days or even weeks. But I wonder if that's really necessary and/or desirable? Anyone have some authoritative thoughts on this topic?


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  1. Seven days my be plenty. I usually leave raspberries in vodka for at least two weeks, sometimes three. They may get bitter if in too long, extracting some seed essence. Keep tasting.

    What are you going to do with strawberry rum? Something frozen?

    I love this type of alchemy.

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    1. re: CCSPRINGS

      I strained it earlier this evening. Seemed like 24 hours was plenty -- the strawberries no longer had much discernible flavor other than alcohol heat, so I thought I'd pull 'em. They're sitting in some sugar now, leeching whatever goodness is left into a syrup.

      I'll probably do mostly simple Daiquiri style drinks with it. Perhaps I'll try it in a Mai Tai. (Strawberry syrup in place of the orgeat, plus strawberry rum? Sounds pretty good.) And definitely an experiment or two with some rhubarb bitters.

        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Thanks for the reminder. Looks like a visit to Cirace is in order.