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Jun 19, 2012 07:06 AM


Has anyone been to Michael White's new pizza place? Can anyone give a review?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Going there tonight. Will report back! Huge fan of White, been to all of his restaurants.

      1. It's fairly common for newly opened pizzerias to experience growing pains and this is no exception.

        They were having some issues two and a half weeks ago

        I know that they were in the process of tweaking the formula, but I'm not sure that they worked all the kinks out yet.

        The idea of high end and artistic toppings on a Midwestern style crust in a NY area restaurant is incredibly novel and shows promise. In practice, though, celebrity chefs, generally speaking, are crap bakers. White has some talented pizzamakers working for him, though, like Michael Cariglio. If White delegates enough of the doughmaking responsibilities (and I think he might be), there's hope.

        I'd still give it a couple more weeks- perhaps after Adam Kuban (Slice) goes back for a more comprehensive review.

        1. White was playing with the dough and even the toppings every night of friends & family so what Slice had has definitely changed at least a bit. I really enjoyed what I've had there (also f&f). I imagine they will continue to tweak the dough as they go. I'm waiting a month or so before going back. One thing I will say: the fior di latte for dessert was amazing.

          1. Agree with the early reviews here. Went there for dinner last night and the pizza was just so-so. The dough, although sufficiently crispy and flavourful, was just too greasy and "wet" for our liking in some areas. Gonna have to let them sort it out before we go back.