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Jun 19, 2012 06:47 AM

Dinner for 5 adults, 4 kids near Roncesvalles? Anything!?

I need to find a spot for tomorrow night in the Roncesvalles area for 9 people, four kids five adults. I don't have a ton of experience eating with children so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's not fancy, but Ari's Place at Roncesvalles & High Park is great when dining with kids. The food is good (it's a greasy spoon) and there's something for everyone. They have a stack of highchairs and the staff is always friendly and welcoming.

    I've never taken my kids to Barque, but I always see families there at dinner time. Lots of yummy options for kids & adults and you might even get a seat on the patio.

    1. Cafe Polonez or Chopin.

      I loved perogies and cabbage rolls as a kid, but I know an adult who couldn't wrap her head around the thought of eating perogies, cabbage rolls, borscht or anything else that was Polish on the menu at Chopin. Polonez and Chopin keep grilled chicken breast on the menu for people who are scared of perogies.

      Do you know what kinds of food the kids like to eat? That might make things simpler for your restaurant choice. I thought most Canadian kids liked Chinese Canadian food (along the lines of sweet + sour, deep-fried stuff), but when a cousin visited a few years back, I discovered her kid only seemed to like Caesar salad and club sandwiches.

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        I'm pretty sure they're fairly adventurous. No one has mentioned any strong aversions to anything. Thanks!

      2. If it's not too hot out, and if you go on the earlier side to avoid the line-up, the back patio of Grand Electric would be great. Or the Drake?

        How old are the kids?

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          dufferin is only close to roncesvalles on a map...especially with kids in tow and waiting for a table for 9 people would be brutal.

          i would suggest making a reservation at barque, enoteca maialino, cafe polonez

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            I don't live in the west end so when I do make the drive out there, I tend to think of those places as being close together (and they're not that far). I agree re: wait times (I have young kids - trust me I understand about brutal waits...) - but that's why I suggested going early. Based on my experiences, I've had no wait times at those spots at that time (and sometimes, you can even reserve at no reservation spots when the table is that large). It also depends on how old the kids are.

            1. re: peppermint pate

              I second Barque if you can get a reservation.

              1. re: glickjor

                Thanks all -- looks like it will be barque.

                1. re: jamesm

                  Barque is a really good choice based on my visit there. Nice place and what I had (burger and corn) was fantastic.