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Jun 19, 2012 06:24 AM

Minetta Tavern for wife's 30th Birthday ( good idea or not)? Also, Black Label Burger-- Is It Worth It?

It's my wife's 30th birthday and she has been asking me forever to go to the Minetta Tavern. I have been to Pastis and Balthazar and was very impressed with the food in the past. Is MT as good as the other two? Is the Black Label Burger worth the $26 it costs?

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  1. If she wants to go there, take her.

    I don't know what "worth the ... cost" means to you, since it is a terribly expensive burger, but I know that I can't leave that place without eating at least half of one. I try and forget it is a hamburger and just appreciate it for what it is: wicked good.

    1. If you liked Pastis and Balthazar, you'll love Minetta Tavern. I'd share the burger and make sure to order some of the other dishes. The specials are usually good, too, as is the souffle.

      1. I think the burger is worth it to get, but the food at minetta is very good in general. I think that the burger is priced fine, meaning if you are getting it via special occassion like this one, you are not putting in extra overtime at work but it is priced high enough that you are not going to be eating this every week.

        1. Do they take reservations? Is it hard to get in?

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            they take reservations via opentable now, It is still popular so it is kind of hard to get in, either eat early or late, or call well ahead of time.

          2. "Worth it" is so subjective, obviously. While we both loved it, my husband didn't think it was worth it, but I did - particularly because, as jester said, you don't eat this all the time.

            I love the idea of sharing one, though, so you can try some other dishes.