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Jun 19, 2012 06:19 AM

The Noble Pig

Saw this on triple D last week and I'm thinking about trying it for lunch today. Anybody out there have any words about the place, atmosphere, food quality and value? Thanks

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    1. re: singlemalt

      They definitely stuffed the Noble Pig Sandwich on the DDD show a bunch bigger than mine have been. Shame on you boys. Stuff 'em for us too. We're the ones that keep you in business. Not that the DDD exposure doesn't help.

    2. The Noble Pig and the tongue sandwich are both excellent, and the duck pastrami is good, too. I'm a fan of their pickles as well. I expect the other sandwiches are also good, but I keep coming back to those three! It's in kind of a crummy-looking strip mall; inside, the atmosphere is "lunch counter". Pleasant enough. It's a little pricier than your average sandwich place, but not overpriced for the quality. I'd recommend it without any caveats.

      1. I can't think of another place in Austin to get a better sandwich. Lunch counter atmosphere is a good way to put it. The prices are on the upper end considering the location and atmosphere, but well worth it in my opinion. A word of warning - the line has increased dramatically with the new exposure. Go early or be prepared to wait.

        1. I'm in the minority here, but the time I tried it I got the noble pig, and it was disappointing. A pulled pork sandwich should be overflowing with meaty goodness, mine had a small lump of unappealing meat. It was mostly bread....I need to try it again but wow there are much better sandwiches in Austin.

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          1. re: LakeLBJ

            Agreed. My sandwich there was pretty meh. I'd rather go to Fricano's and get the Jonah anytime.

          2. I've tried the noble pig and enjoyed it. Not long ago I had the duck pastrami and it was quite a disappointment. The pastrami was very fatty. I usually enjoy duck but this sandwich did not do it for me.