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Pizza Hut across the street from another Pizza Hut?

I find this strange. On Sepulveda Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, California there is a Pizza Hut across the street from a long-time Taco Bell place. A while back they also put a Pizza Hut sign on the Taco Bell, so there is a actually a Pizza Hut across the street from a Pizza Hut. Are these places franchises? I would think the first PH guy couldn't possible be too thrilled. Anybody see any other examples like this (any chain)? Or better yet, does anybody have an explanation?

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  1. Could be the same owner.

    1. More than once, I've seen Waffle House locations on both sides of an interstate exit. A guess is that it might be more cost effective to have two separate locations to meet the demand vs. expanding one, considering they all they tend to be of a uniform size.

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        "More than once, I've seen Waffle House locations on both sides of an interstate exit."
        A waste of two perfectly good lots IMO.

      2. Sometimes it's really hard to make a left turn on Sepulveda, esp. during rush hour.

        1. This thread reminds me of this:


          A lot of Taco Bells converted to Taco Bell / KFC / Pizza Hut stores. Typically, their pizza offerings are not nearly as much as those at free standing Pizza Hut restaurants, and they focus on pizza by the slice.

          One is fast food pizza (probably w/o delivery), the other is a classic sitdown pizza joint. They probably don't compete with each other that much; you don't go into a Pizza Hut for a quick slice.

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          1. Reminds me of the line from 'Best in Show': "We met at Starbucks. Not at the same Starbucks but we saw each other at different Starbucks across the street from each other. "

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              or the Simpsons episode where almost every store in the mall is a Starbucks, and a sign on an empty store says "Coming soon: Starbucks"

            2. Both Yum brand products. In our area (CT/MA) Most Taco Bells carry Pizza Hut Personal Pizas and Breadsticks with dipping sauce but not the full menu.

              My oldest loves Taco Bell but my youngest detests their food, if its the oldest one's turn to choose where to stop and get a bite, the youngest is satisfied with a personal pan pizza.

              When you see duplicate franchise operations in close proximity it is often a good retail decision. The franchisee has tied up the real estate and kept a competitor from getting it. Two Starbuck's on the opposite corner, leaves no corner for Dunkin to open and take business.

              1. Thats OK..i live in a small town of about 15, 000 residents and we have a Subway opening across from a Subway..and there is a Subway in the Wal mart 1.5 miles down the road.

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                  An intersection down the road from me has a full service bank on one corner (with a drive-through), a branch in a grocer within the same lot, plus a drive-through branch across the street along with a branch for business in that lot - all the same bank.

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                    We have two full service branches of the same bank across the street from each other here - in this case it's a relic from a time when they were branches of competing banks, then one bought out the other (nationally). The two branches get enough traffic to justify keeping both open for now.

                    I've also benefited greatly from the Starbucks on every corner phenomenon. I got lost in downtown Seattle a few years ago. I didn't have a smartphone yet, but did have an iPod touch. I was able to use the mapping app while moving from one Starbucks wifi zone to the next, rarely moving out of range.