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Jun 18, 2012 10:44 PM

First Day Trip to an Island - Veg friendly?

So I'm renting a car with my mom coming in town..we are going to take the car on a ferry (with my dog) to an island. Any suggestions onto which one will be beautiful, dog-friendly, and pesco and pure vegetarian friendly?

Specifics would be appreciated...I heard Tofino is one place we should go..but I wouldn't know where to eat.

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  1. Tofino is pretty out of the way for a day trip.

    We often travel with our dog to Salt Spring. I'm pretty sure we've had our dog with us at the outside tables at the Tree House cafe but you should check if they allow still allow dogs at those tables (its both veg and pesco friendly, good home made soups, Salt Spring ales on tap, very casaul). We run our dog out at Burgoyne Bay farm - great open spaces for a run. If you're there on a Saturday - visit the great farmer's market in Ganges and load up on provisions for a great picnic (Salt Spring goat cheese, Heather Cambelll's bread, ..)

    Victoria's Rebar restaurant is a great vegetarian-friendly spot (leave fido in the car in well shaded parking), and Dallas road has a large offleash zone on the ocean side of the road.

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      thanks, just what I was hoping to hear about

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        I agree with kinnickinnik! Rebar is heavenly. I love it! I'm veggie and my bf is hardcore carnivore (likes his meat wrapped in other meat with a side of meat), and even he says Rebar is one of his favourite restaurants here. Their menu is predominantly veg with a few fish options for the pesco. I think we end up there once a week--our record is twice in one day...hehe. Sooo good! Not sure if you've already been and gone, but one thing to keep in mind is that Rebar closes early on Sundays (3:30pm). Also, they'll let you make your order take out, if you don't want to leave your dog.

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        Bowen is another good option for day tripping: Bowen Island:
        easily accessible by ferry from Horseshoe Bay or water taxi from Granville Island
        here are some dining options (not sure which are open now)
        Doc Morgan's Pub & Restaurant for fish and chips, pub grub, two outdoor decks
        Blue Eyed Marys, laid back bistro
        Snug Café with courtyard patio
        Artisan Eats Café & Fine Foods 15-minute walk from the harbour, up a steep hill, view
        the salt and snappy breakfast sausages bursting with marjoram.
        Doc Morgan's Pub & Restaurant: 439 Bowen Island Trunk, 604-947-0108; Blue Eyed Marys: 433 Bowen Island Trunk, 604-947-2583; The Snug Café: 445 Bowen Island Trunk, 604-947-0402; Artisan Eats Café & Fine Foods: 539 Artisan Lane, 604-947-0190