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Jun 18, 2012 08:51 PM

Master Chef week of 6/17

I wonder what David Martinez (the guy who describes himself as from the ghetto of Chicago) did to piss so many people off. In any case, they're right to think he's a lame captain. An interesting side note - these contestants are the cream of the crop and yet they can't tell if pork is raw. Maybe those HK contestants deserve a little more credit?! Anyway, I'm shocked at who went home for the apple pie.

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  1. you know what pisses me off-every cooking show thinks the military wants more food rather than good food

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    1. re: madeliner

      There WAS a boatload of food on those plates - a 2" thick pork chop AND a full-sized chicken breast? Yikes.

    2. She pressed down on the pork chop with her finger and it yielded mushily and she proclaimed it perfectly cooked.


      I was very sad to see that kid go....

      1. How many home cooks, no matter how great they are at cooking for 8, have the slightest idea how to cook for 200? How do you time it? What quantities do you need? What is the correct portion size? This knowlege comes from experience and the ability to turn out 1 killer pan of risotto or 1 perfect apple pie has no connection at all to these type of skills.

        I've always thought this challenge was especially ridiculous and irrelevant.

        1. While I love the idea of this show, it just has the gimmicky HK feel to it. The over the top drama is too much and the stories are not believable. GR's statement that "you are going to kill someone" with an undercooked pork chop is ridiculous since Trinchinosis is virtually non existent in domestic meat animals. Also, I don't believe that Christine cooked a 'perfect' apple pie in 18 minutes. Sorry.

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            Good point about 18 minutes for the Apple Pie. Something is up, did they exaggerate the time she put it in? Did she pre bake the bottom crust and apples and then assemble it and put it in for 18 minutes.

            1. re: Sandwich_Sister

              The filling was pre-cooked, for one, and it looked like the pastry was extremely thin, so I'm sure it takes a lot less time in the oven than it would otherwise. But I expected her bottom crust to be raw.

          2. The "ghetto" he comes from is Glencoe, one of the most affluent towns in the area!

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            1. re: libgirl2

              The Mean Streets of Glencoe, indeed