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Jun 18, 2012 08:46 PM

Late week night dining near FQ

Meeting MrsDD in NOLA and my flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:25 AM Thurs night/Fri morning.. Staying at the JW Marriott, so that puts us at the hotel no earlier than 1:15 to 1:30 AM. Any place within walking distance to get something decent to eat? Obviously, don't need a heavy dinner, but a late night supper would work. Room service at hotel shuts down at midnight. I know I can get something to drink close by...

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  1. You might want to expand your search to places in the Central Business District. I've never been but there's a place called Daisy Dukes just a couple blocks from your hotel on Chartres St. It's open 24/7. Other 24/7 places that are OK (off the top my head) are on the other end of the Quarter -- Buffa's Lounge and Clover Grill. Verti Marte is down that way on Royal St. and it will deliver just about anything 24/7 (best call first). Po' boys are decent there if the bread is fresh.

    1. What time will Mrs. DD arrive? Perhaps she can pick up some sandwiches from Butcher, St. James Cheese or a muff from Central and put in the mini frig. Rouses in the cbd has a nice selection of cheese, charcuterie, wine. Really, little good comes of wandering around in the wee hours.

      1. Thanks, folks! Great idea, Jazzy, about having her pick something up. My feeble mind never thought of that one.