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Jun 18, 2012 08:32 PM

Any Dim Sum with Carts near Woodbine and Steeles?

A client of mine really wants to experience Dim Sum with carts for lunch on a weekday this week.

My go to lately has been the Spring Villa at Woodbine and Denison because it is close to clients and friends I go to lunch with in the area, but they do not have carts.

Would be willing to travel as far south as Finch, as far north as Hwy 7, East to Kennedy, West to Bayview.

Hoping that Charles Yu or some other expert in the area could point me in the direction of a decent place with carts. If all the places with carts are not very good, I would appreciate knowing that as well... I can just say "sorry, couldn't find one" :)


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  1. Dragon Dynasty is just outside your boundaries at Brimley and Huntingwood. Good quality for carts. There's a fairly recent thread on it that I'll dig up.

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    1. Ginger & Onion in Market Village has carts. Cheaper than Dragon Dynasty, quality is ok, different clientele - more grassroots type of folks.
      Very Fair Seafood Restaurant in Milliken Square (Milliken & Finch). Again very cheap, ok dim sum, you get what you pay for. I prefer this over Dragon Dynasty as I do not like how DD differentiates between regulars and the rest of us (regulars wait in a separate line). For me, the difference in quality does not justify the premium in price and the poor service I experience at DD.
      if your client does not speak Chinese, these places may be more of a challenge but maybe also more adventurous.

      1. Thank you TorontoJo and omdomd!

        I don't think Dragon Dynasty will work for this week, but I definitely want to try it and maybe even get brave and go with some friends on a weekend.

        Ginger & Onion and Very Fair also sound like places to experience for fun, not a business lunch, especially since none of us speak Chinese... maybe I can invite my dentist! LOL!

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          At Very Fair most of the dim sum items after 1:30PM are priced as small during the week.

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            The only other cart dim sum places in the area other than the ones already mentioned are the Century Palace on Ferrier (Warden/Steeles) and the Landmark at Vic Park/McNicholl. They are not in Spring Villa's class quality wise. I'm familiar with Landmark as I go somewhat regularly with a group of guys (some Chinese-speaking)....fair to say I go for the company and not the food. Having said that, it's not unpleasant and it's really easy on the wallet. There are worse places (thinking of Perfect at Brimley/Sheppard) to expose someone to dim sum carts.

            1. re: T Long

              Ended up saying that the places with carts were too far away...

              But my husband prefers dim sum with carts, so I will definitely give these places a try with him and some friends before taking clients, IF they stay open long enough for me to get to them all... I remember going to try Elegantview on Victoria Park many months ago only to discover they were gone!

              1. re: LovelyAsia

                Landmark has taken over the old Elegantview space. You should test out the Century Palace on Ferrier (at Acadia). It is more "presentable" than the Landmark for example (relatively spacious, tablecloths, better service, etc). When I was there this past Friday (after an absence of over 3 years), they had a combo cart and menu system...there were carts, but you could also order off a piece of paper (menu). The quality will not match that of the Spring Villa, but the bill will also be significantly less. There must have been a special going on with Lobsters on a plate of noodles as we noted quite a few of that particular dish being brought out to tables. Side note: Washrooms were very clean.

                1. re: T Long

                  Thanks T Long, combo cart and menu system sounds great, a definite must try!

                  And very much in the area of where I meet friends and clients.

                  Thank you!