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Jun 18, 2012 07:39 PM

Best gyro in Jackson?

So I've been here in Jacktown for six months. Obviously a lot of Greek influence on the restaurant scene here, historically. So what's your choice for best gyro?

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  1. Jackson, MS??

    If so, I'd say that you need to check out Keifer's if you haven't already.

    Haven't been there in years, but only because I live too far away for a road trip. Very tasty and dependably good last I knew anything about the place.

    I gather they've rebuilt the original location to enlarge it (about time, I'd say).

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    1. re: Cooking42 said that Wraps in Maywood Mart had the best, followed by Kristos in Madison and Krilakis in Old Town Ridgeland. Keifer's finished 4th. Personally, I like Krilakis the best, but ate at the "new" Keifers the other night and it was mighty good as well. Bottom line- I've eaten gyros at all of them and they were all great! The Mediterranean Cafe on Old Canton Road wasn't listed but theirs is every bit as good as the others. HTH.

      1. re: Clarkafella

        I'm with Eat Jackson and vote for Wraps. But I agree that the Mediterranean Cafe's is really good, too.

    2. It has, unfortunately, been years since I have eaten at Kiefer's, but I have always loved Kiefer's. (And I like to support long time restaurants.)