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  • whs Jun 18, 2012 07:18 PM
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The new Market Basket in Manchester NH has crumpets - Sharrock's British Style Crumpets made in New Bedford MA. I love these - very different from English muffins, when toasted a little crunchy and the little holes are perfect butter sponges! YUM.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen these at Whole Foods too, and the packaging makes me suspect that they are the same ones that are sold at Trader Joe's. I agree, they are a wonderful item.

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      you are correct but at a lower price at MB, last week I paid $1.99, great for Breakfast , with some strawberry jam and a slice of cheddar cheese

    2. Crumpets --- If I've ever heard a call-out for generous amounts of butter and jam, this is it. Thanks for the tip.

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      1. re: Dave B

        $1.89 at Manch MB.

        1. re: whs

          I couldn't resist seeking them out. The MB in Concord (Ft. Eddy Rd.) keeps them not in the bread aisle, but on a table near the deli and cheese area.... don't know if other MB stores stock them the same way. They were out of regular, but had cinnamon so I grabbed a package. Totally sCRUMPtious and a nice change from toast or an English muffin.

          Nutritional info on package indicates Fat Free/No Cholesterol, 110 calories each. They're mostly just carbs and fiber (8% of daily per each), but of course that changes once I added some buttah!!!