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Jun 18, 2012 06:40 PM

Souffle restaurant in NYC

Hello Everyone.
I was wondering if there is a restaurant in NYC which only serves souffle?! Thank you!

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  1. There is no all-soufflé restaurant. However, Capsouto Frères has always been known for their soufflés. They used to have an all-souffé menu in addtion to their regular menus, but they dispensed with it. Instead, the lunch menu contains a variety of savory and dessert soufflés

    P.S. Many years ago, we went to an all-souffé restaurant in Paris called, appropriately, Le Soufflé. I just Googled, and it's still there.

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      There SHOULD be an all-souffle restaurant in NYC... what a great idea, right?

    2. Actually - I thought there was. I saw something on tv about it, run by a frenchman, but can't remember the name. Must look!

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        happy: If you find out the place, please post back here. Souffles are among my most favorite things on Planet Earth!!! Have yet to try "Capsouto Freres"... heard mixed things about them. Anyone want to weigh in here on Capsouto Freres? They've been around for a long time!

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          the souffles are pretty good but everything else I tried at large group meal was mediocre. I've had better souffles in the last year at Minetta Tavern and at the Mark restaurant.

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            +1 on Minetta Tavern's Grand Marnier Souffle.

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              I think this is an apt description of the food generally at Capsouto Freres, nothing special, though I have not had the the souffés. I was there for dinner about a year ago and have no desire to return.

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              Sadly Souffle Restaurant, in Summit NJ has closed. Not sure it was the place I was thinking of but I know it was a souffle only restaurant.

              Happily the Village Voice published a "where to get a souffle" in new york article, and they spoke very well of Capsouto Freres.


              1. re: happybaker

                We ate at Soufflé in Summit, NJ. It was not soufflé only.


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                  I don't know how I missed your link to that Voice article on Souffles... many thanks! Awesome!

                2. re: Liquid Sky

                  Re: the food at Capsouto Frères (other than the soufflés). We've had one dinner there and I thought the food was quite good. However, that meal dates back more than ten years, so it's possible that the quality has gone downhill.

                  La Grenouille, of course, is famous for their dessert soufflés. The lunch menu also includes a cheese soufflé.

                  Oceana usually has a soufflé on the dinner dessert menu. Every one I've had there has been incredible.

                  Jeanne & Gaston, a new French bistro on 14th St., is serving a dessert soufflé. Divine!


                  1. re: Liquid Sky

                    Try the chocolate souffle at Benoit.

                      1. re: RGR

                        I can't pass up the souffle for the baba, but one of these days I will try the baba.

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                          Being a French dessert lover, I think I gain at least a couple pounds whenever I go to Benoit. I adore their desserts!!!

                      2. re: Liquid Sky

                        Capsouto Freres remains one of my favorite restaurants in New York. It's not trendy, but the food is delicious and the service is warm. They serve a variety of souffles both savory and sweet at lunch and brunch, and there are always souffles on the dessert menu.

                        I have many fond recollections of brunches a quatre where each of us ordered a different souffle and we passed them around the table.

                    1. As RGR expalined, La Grenouille has both cheese souffle and dessert souffle on their lunch menu. They are divine.

                      Others that have souffle on their menu are:

                      The River Cafe

                      The Mark by Jean-Georges

                      Upstairs at '21'

                      L'ATELIER de Joel Robuchon (Personally, I think this is one of better ones... but it is closing at the end of this month)

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                      1. re: kosmose7

                        Great info to know, kosmose... merci!

                        1. re: kosmose7

                          I agree on JR - I had the calvados souffle there recently and it was fabulous. But, you'd better hurry they close June 30.

                        2. bouchon bakery has a fabulous choclate!!

                          1. La Grenouille has fabulous souffles and even lets one make up dessert varieties. We had four different ones at one table of four. La Cote Basque used to have wonderful ones that weren't quite so pricey.