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Jun 18, 2012 06:20 PM

Live lobsters in Philly?

I've been reading alot about lobster lately, and I know that the prices are very low and lobstermen & women are having a rough go of it. That being said, we do benefit by having affordable lobster prices as a consumer. I stopped by the Asian market at 11th and Washington, but they didn't have any in the tanks, and quite frankly, there tanks are dirty anyways. Where in the city, can one find live lobsters? I spoke with the gentlemen at DiBruno's the other day, and they are supposedly getting a tank soon. Any other recs?

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  1. Ippolitos at 13th and Dickenson. If you want them larger than 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds each, call ahead (24 hrs)

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      The last few times I was in Ippolito's, I noticed that they had their lobsters on ice in the case. When they added all of the fresh produce, I think they got rid of their tank.

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        You know Philly Ray you are right - they have been on ice lately - I guess I just assumed I was there at the end of the day or a slow day for lobsters so they just had a few on ice.

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          Does that mean that they are going to be fresher? Do they not keep as many around? I assume they have tanks in the back to keep them over night... or perhaps they kill them every few days and make prepared food with them. Teir menu just lists Bralizlian lobster tail.

    2. Under the C in the Comcast Center has a tank of live lobsters.

      1. Under the C is a good rec. I thought the prices would be lower around town in general. I stopped at the Asian Market on 6th and Washington, they had live ones in tanks that looked fine. $9.49/lb. Also stopped by Uncle Jesse's on 8th and Washington, they were $9.99/lb there. Anastasio's had them on ice, but they were alive, for the same price. Any good recommendations on live crabs in the city? I saw some pretty good things on the internet about Phil's live crabs on 10th and Oregon.

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          If you want a bushel of crabs, go to Samuels and Sons (the wholesale arm of Ippolito's) at 3400 Lawrence Ave (near Packer Ave). I have found the prices there to be less than buying at Ippolito's.

          As for Phil's, the one time I went there, all I got was very evasive answers to simple questions like, "How much are the crabs?". Answer, "They can be expensive". Seeya.

        2. Shop Rite will have live lobsters on sale for $6.99/lb starting on Sunday, July 1.

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            George's in Dreshertown Plaza will also hae live lobsters on sale.

          2. Check out the H-Mart sales fliers on Fridays. They've been selling soft-shell lobsters for $4.99/lb recently (Fri-Sun). The problem is that they're not in water, but rather sitting on ice, slowly expiring. It's really the luck of the draw as to whether they'll have feisty ones of half-dead ones.

            That said, if you find the right ones, the price is great. I've been grilling them and making risotto the next day with the stock. Not bad for $15.

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            1. re: Boognish

              Lobsters are $4.99/lb this weekend at H-Mart.

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                Also selling at Assi for $4.99/lb. They're in water and look pretty lively. However, you've gotta "do the deed" yourself as they do not steam them there.