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Jun 18, 2012 05:56 PM

Lunch near ecotarium in Worcester

Headed there next week. Any place nearby serve a decent lunch? Will have two preschoolers, so it needs to be kid friendly. Any cuisine is fine.


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  1. The Regatta Deli is just down the street on Lake Ave.. Best sandwiches/salads around, and also has some Italian dishes (pastas, parms). It's takeout only, but the lake is right across the street and one of the park areas there has a playground, which might be fun for the kids if the weather is nice. It's also not that far from Shrewsbury Street, with lots of choices. Funky Murphy's is excellent for burgers, wraps, salads. Not sure if they have a kid's menu per se, but you could piece together a decent preschooler meal from their offerings. Via Italian Table down the street definitely has a kid's menu and is a bustling place, so good for potential preschooler outbursts! Their food is decent but not amazing.

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      Thanks SC. That's timely info even though I didn't ask the original question. We are taking our pre-teens there for the second time and your suggestions are just what we need.
      PS The Ecotarium is a great day trip.

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        Yes, the Ecotarium is one of Worcester's gems...have a great trip and satisfying chow!

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        Even though it doesn't sound "kid friendly" I would suggest Brew City Grill on Shrewsbury street. I've been there many times and always enjoyed my food. Nothing too exotic - good burger place, etc. Junior's Pizza & Grill is also a personal favorite (Shrewsbury St.).

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          Juniors is closed. The Vintage Grill is going in but I don't think it's open yet.

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            Too bad......can't find a website for Vintage Grille. Any news on what they are all about?

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                Yeah, I saw the FB page....but no link to a real website and pretty uninformative :(

      3. El basha is another chowish choice for middle eastern and the Flying Rhino is excellent too. Macs Diner is fantastic for Italian

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          No offense, trufflehound, but I've always come away from the Rhino thinking "meh"....I think Funky Murphy's does a better job with similar casual fare. Their crabcakes are surprisingly delicious and crabby!

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              truffhound - you surprise me! Your reviews are usually spot on, so I'm surprised that you would recommend a place that you don't love, but that others seem to like!

        2. Thanks everyone! I'll run the menus by my mil. She's the picky one in the bunch so I always let her decide.