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Jun 18, 2012 03:15 PM

The new-new food hall at The Plaza (not Todd English's)

the Food Hall at the Plaza has expanded beyond the space occupied by Todd English and is now home to some top vendors from around Manhattan. there's a Luke's Lobster, Francois Payard, No. 7 Subs, William Greenberg's, Sushi of Gari, Maison du Chocolate, Lady M, Tartinery, Billy's, and Three Tarts. Many of the counters are take-away only, but a few have bar seats and service. there'll also be a David Burke "Burke in the Box".

mostly unrelated, but Francois Payard also recently opened in Columbus Circle on the SW corner of 58th and Broadway.

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  1. Hi
    A group, with two kids who are Eloise freaks, are coming this Sunday. We can't afford tea so we were thinking of having lunch in the food hall. Since the expansion is this an okay place to take a group? I can't tell if the seating is beyond counter from the site or the conversations on Chowhound.
    Thank you

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    1. re: jellybell

      In both the Todd English and non-Todd English sides, there are counter spaces available with at least 4-6 contiguous seats on each side. IIRC, there are no seats where your feet touch the ground, so if your kiddies are slip-sliders, that may be an issue. Be sure to try the green tea mille-feuille cake at the Lady M stand!

    2. There are additional first-come seats and tables where you can eat the take-away food.