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Jun 18, 2012 02:16 PM

Restaurant for Birthday Dinner?

My birthday is on July 1, and I'm trying to find a place that everyone in my family can enjoy. We all live in the Lamorinda area, but we frequent all the local places (Chow, Amorama, Table 24, etc.) often enough that they aren't really sufficient for a more special occasion. Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Rockridge, are all good options for area, but although I like both Indian and other more exotic cuisines, that's not going to sit well with some of the older diners. Chinese would also be avoided, as my grandmother can't eat anything that's stir-fried (oil upsets her stomach). I'm not picking up the tab, and it has been made known that price is not an issue (within reason, of course). Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I'd guess around 7-8 (and my grandmother is not adverse to reserving back rooms for even a group of this size!).

    2. Pizzaiolo - check out their menu, which changes daily, i think - it has a lot to please most everyone.

      1. I love Camino for just about every occasion. Delicious food cooked on open fire, spot on cocktails, relaxed, warm setting.

        1. In Walnut Creek, Corner Bistro in the evenings has a beautiful patio - food is pretty good.

          In Lafayette, there is Artisan Bistro.

          In Berkeley, Gather.

          1. I'll put in a good word for Comal in Berkeley. The food is very good, as is the bar. There is an indoor dining room and covered patio for seating. Although it's nominally mexican/latin, there's enough variety so that anyone can find something they'll like (IMHO). Plus, their fancy-schmancy sound conditioning system really works--you can hear everyone at the table, no matter how crowded the place might be.