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Jun 18, 2012 02:10 PM

Polish in CT

I was under the impression that the Polish National Home was for members only but I just read a review on another site from a non-member that dined there. So between Polish National Home, Staropoloska and Baltic which one is your favorite. Are they any polish restaurants down in New Haven or Fairfield Counties?

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  1. Having worked in the Capitol neighborhood for many years, I ate at the Polish home many times. I thought the food there was fine but nothing especially unusual or great. I recall having simply boiled kielbasa, pierogi and kapusta (saurkraut). Although my mother, a child of Polish immigrants, was not fond of cooking, we did have some excellent things on holidays and following funerals. I remember the pierogis filled with cabbage, plums and cherries, all of which I preferred to the potato/cheese ones.

    I confess that I have not been to Staropolska or Baltic, but have seen Staropolska featured on tv reviews, and the food sounds interesting.

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      I have only been to the Polish national Home (many times, actually). I agree with junescook that the food is fine but it won't knock your socks off. I have never had a bad meal there but have also never had a fantastic meal either. It's good, but not drive out of your way good.

    2. I like Staropolska (try the bigos - Hunter's Stew) and the place down the street from it, Crachovia. Food is good, simply prepared. One of the best things about eating at either place is that you are right in the Polish neighborhood, surrounded by delis, bakeries and markets. A true gem in CT.