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Jun 18, 2012 01:48 PM

MVY Dissapointment and Pleasant Surprise

I was just in Menemsha with my husband visiting family. They always take us for a special treat to the Beach Plum restaurant, which in the past has been wonderful,but was terrible from food to lousy service this time. We heard they have a new chef and are training new staff, but no excuse to charge so much and get inferior quality food and such small amt. with wait staff that are not professional.

Instead, I recommend the Chilmark Tavern! We were there for the first time and found the food to be amazing, nice ambiance(not a bar atmosphere, but lovely decor and fine dining)and polished friendly staff. I highly recommend the onion rings..thin and crispy, not greasy and the mussels are local and done with a wonderful sauce that I wanted to drink out of the bowl.

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  1. Something's up at the Beach Plum -- the Home Port, the sister restaurant down in Menemsha, won't be opening until the 25th, which is unusually late. No idea why. Over the past few years, I've had better meals at the Chilmark Tavern than at the Beach Plum Inn, and better meals still at State Road. Go to the Beach Plum for the sunset.

    1. I just returned from a stay at the Beach Plum. Our dinner there was perfection. Delicious pumpkin soup and another delicious turnip soup. Stinky cheese risotto, lobster spaghetti, braised farm greens, heirloom tomatoes with farm cheese, bluefish... I tasted all of the meals ordered at our table and all were very good.

      The new chef works very closely with local farms and sustainable fisheries.

      Would return again and again.

      Sorry to hear that your meal was not as memorable.

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        The old chef (? Jim McDonough) left in June to go do Cave du Grenier (which we tried twice and hated in September). So maybe things have shaken out for the better