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Jun 18, 2012 01:45 PM


Is Shopsin's still around?

anyone gone lately?


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  1. They are still around. There's a video on Netflix about Shopsin's, for anyone who knows the place well you'll love the movie. One day the wife/owner tasted my kid's sarsaparilla soda when we said it tastes like soap. She said "it's fine". The documentary shows them eating people's leftovers and more. Many of the regulars referred to the place as "Dirty People", but the food is great, the mixtures of foods is great, the soups are great. the place is great. The wife, I'm pretty sure passed away. They had 5 kids who always ran around the place when they were little. See the documentary. Definitely go to Shopsin's, they are still the pretty much the same.

    1. It's now in the Essex Street Market.

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          Sweet good to hear.

          The last time I was there a few years back it was still at the orginal location at Bedford and Carmine in Greenwich Village.

          I loved the quirkiness and the proprietor who laces a lot of his verbiage with expletives.

          I did also see "I love Killing the Flies" (correct name? my memory slighly escapes me, years agao).

          Can't wait to try those Slutty Cakes, Taco Fried Chicken, and Coconut Cloud Mullitwagawny soup, and an orange julious to topp it all off. Hopefully kenny won't chew me out for ordering too many dishes.

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            Actually, the original was on Bedford and Morton, across 7th from the Bedford and Carmine location. They moved to Carmine maybe 2002 or so... I randomly had an apartment on the corner of 7th and Morton and kept wondering what "that little hole in the wall place" across the way was. Finally ventured in one day and it immediately became my go to brunch place - it was sad to see them move a few blocks away to Carmine though that location was much nicer and bigger. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of the Essex location, partly because it's farther away now but also because it's smaller and more cramped and doesn't have the character of the original. Still, need to get down there sometime soon. Kenny's wife did pass away in 2003... I remember I'd stopped in for dinner that same week and the place was quiet and we chatted, then I came in for brunch the following Sunday with my parents and they had a sign on the door saying "R.I.P. Eve". Really sad...

            Just this past weekend, I was wearing the Shopsins t-shirt they gave me when I told them I was heading for Africa in the Peace Corps... the only request "Take a picture of you with pygmies wearing the shirt." The shirt made it with me when I took a trip to Uganda and I did.

            Anyway, rambling post, but it's one of my favorite "New York" experiences. Need to get back there sometime soon!

      1. drama last time I was there in May just good food

        home fries

        mo betta: maple bacon and egg sandwich on mac and cheese pancakes

        they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

        hours of operation W - Sat 9-2 Sun 10 - 2

        don't go with a party of more than four you will not be seated

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          Though if I order for a party of four and I'm only one, will I get 86'd from the joint ???

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            I have no first hand experience with over ordering, perhaps this will help

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              You won't get 86'ed, they'll just tell you you ordered too much and won't let you get it all.

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                I will never understand how people can put up with abusive behavior at Shopsins for some tasty but certainly not great food. I ate there years ago and vowed not to return. It was at the Bedford st place. After getting screamed at because there were 5 of us, one, a well known food critic and gracious man left so we could eat. We looked at the all the toys around us on the shelves and when we took one down it was covered with grease and dust. The waitress was smoking and then took a bite of a fried egg sandwich that exploded all over her plate and beyond. I have never felt so close to loosing my appetite and I don't mind walking through Chinatown in the middle of summer. The food was ok, some rather tasty, some just odd. The best thing was that the plates were clean and warm. Having to sit there and listen to this man swear up and down and have such contempt for his customers, I silently said to Mr. Shopsin, "yea? well f you too!.

        2. ehh, place isnt for everybody. Though I did not go to Shopsins when they were located in Greenwich, I am a frequenter at the Essex location. There is rarely any "drama" and I actually find it pretty friendly. Mainly everyone that goes there now know the basic "rules" and most of the cursing and drama usually from customers- or would be customers. I would not suggest ordering for 4 but if you do (and convince them) be ready to eat that in one sitting.

          1. the title of the documentary is "I Like Killing Flies" and it's directed by Matt Mahurin (best known for his brilliant b&w photography, as well as illustrations and music videos)...

            I've never eaten at the restaurant though, and after seeing the doc, i doubt i ever will...

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              Yes, that is the name of it. The restaurant has some great food. That varies every time it is made