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Jun 18, 2012 01:43 PM

Mushy Rice at Yasuda!?!?

I have had some wonderful meals at Sushi Yasuda. My favorite meal there was just before he left and we had a simply phenomenal meal Yasuda himself. I have been there many times since his departure and thought that the place didn't miss a beat and the quality remained high. I think that Mitsuru is a great replacement as head chef, although I personally think that Tatsu is better and has a brighter personality.

I had a very disappointing meal there last week. Sure it was the last seating on a Saturday night but the rice was severely lacking. More than once the rice was mushy to the point of leaving a paste on the roof of my mouth. I even used a toothpick at one point to scrape the residue off. It was baffling. The rice is usually so so good there.

I hope that this was just a random occurence. Has anyone else had subpar rice there recently? I never thought that I would be writing subpar rice and Yasuda in the same sentence...the horror, the horror.

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  1. I was there last Thursday for dinner with 3 others. I had been a little concerned after reading all the "Yasuda is slipping" comments on this board.

    My brother and I sat with Tatsu, who served an amazing meal (arguably better than any I had with Yasuda before he left). The two others in our party had a different itamae, but they were equally wowed (this was their first time eating there).

    That still sucks about your rice though - hopefully it was just bad luck, not that that's any excuse.

    1. So, count me in the "not that impressed with Yasuda" camp. Have had great meals there in the past (3-5 years ago), but went for the first time in a while and was sorely disappointed. Sat at the bar with a work colleague and had a couple of excellent appetizers (crispy soft shell crab and prawns dusted with mochi) but the sushi omakase main event was sorely lacking. While I was expecting something to rival Tsukiji's Daiwa (which I've experienced at Yasuda before), the sushi was rather pedestrian, completely unflavored (no wasabi added or reduced soy glazes brushed on, and the rice was not up to sushi master standard. I've had better toro and otoro at neighborhood sushi joints, and the uni was decidedly undelicious.

      Granted, there is still value to be had at Yasuda, where you can have 12 pieces of top quality fish for around $125 (though $11 Ebisus are a bit rediculous), but it was such a let down from previous experiences I was crushed. Hope they pick it up, or someone can suggest a good alternative.