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Jun 18, 2012 12:41 PM

Recs for downtown Buffalo?

I'm going to be visiting Buffalo fairly regularly and would love to get some recommendations for downtown Buffalo. Ideally, I'd love some places that are walking distance from the Hyatt Regency and M&T Plaza. I've done a search and I only found a couple of threads that focus on downtown. Should I take that as a sign? :) I saw a rec for Bacchus -- still valid?

I will have a car, though, so if you tell me to hop in my car and drive someplace for better food, I'm all ears.

Open to all cuisines at all price points. I'm from Toronto (duh) where I love everything from hole in the wall dumpling joints to small funky chef-driven spots to silly expensive fine dining. It seems a lot of people would say to try beef on weck, pizza and wings, but I'm open to all suggestions.

Thanks for any input. I'm happy to return the favor if any of you are ever in Toronto!

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  1. Any recent thoughts on Seabar?

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      Seabar and Bacchus are good places close to where you are staying. Other places like Rue Franklin and anywhere in Allentown are walkable (at least by me). Maybe someone from the area can give you more up to date info, as it has been awhile since in was in Buffalo.

    2. I would agree with the recs for Seabar, Bacchus, and Rue Franklin. For something simpler and cheaper, we have liked Cabaret which is on Franklin St, and Bambino is pretty good, rather quirky Italian. If you want a "local color" kind of place you might try Ulrichs which claims to be the oldest restaurant/tavern in Buffalo. It's at the corner of Ellicott and Virginia--German food.

      Allentown is definitely within walking distance of downtown and I would recommend Allentown Hardware. There are other places in Allentown as well.

      The local paper recently recommended the Banh-mi at Nickel City Cheese, 423 Elmwood. Haven't tried it but plan to.

      There are some good places accessible by subway, as well. Hutch's is always good. It's at the corner of Delaware and Elmwood--get off at the Delavan/College stop and walk up Delavan. Or Shango, which is on Main Street fairly near the university stop.

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        Thank you, both! I will definitely check out some of these recs and report back. Much appreciated.

      2. Had dinner at Seabar last night. Very nice. Interesting mix of dishes on the menu which made for a fun dinner with my colleagues, as we just ordered a bunch of the apps and salads and just grazed. The standout for me were the fish tacos -- really great fresh flavors, set off really nicely by the crunch of the crisp shell. Colleagues loved the pork enchiladas -- I liked the flavors, but thought the pork was cooked too mushy. Also ordered the meatballs, the Japanese salad, the cucumber salad (what's with the giant mound of rice underneath to make it look like there was more cucumber?! cheap, not impressed), udon noodle soup, and a bunch of rolls. I didn't have the rolls, so can't comment on the quality of the shari.

        Washed it all down with a good junmai sake. All in all, an enjoyable meal and I would definitely return on future trips.

        1. I used to have a project in Buffalo. Only stayed overnight a few times once the plane schedule changed as I have an 11 yo. However, I was taken to Mother's Restaurant on my first trip by my colleagues and enjoyed it. Another time I went to Chef's and had the spaghetti parmesean. It is definitely a Buffalo thing. You have to try that at least once. I loved the extra sauce they gave me. I never made it to Anchor Bar and don't see the appeal of beef on weck but I tried it at the airport so maybe it is good somewhere else.

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            I think Chefs is definitely a Buffalo thing. We have lived in Buffalo for 22 years and have been to Chefs twice. Seemed pretty ordinary both times, but people here love it.

          2. No trip to Buffalo is complete for me without dinner at the Left Bank--I love their hot banana peppers with tomatoes and asiago appetizer. \