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Jun 18, 2012 12:31 PM

La Teranga

I have been meaning to prop up La Teranga, a new Senegalese that has moved into the 1/2-size slot formerly inhabited by dearly departed Roy's BBQ.

Everything I have had has been good to excellent, especially considering the modest price point*. I especially recommend the lamb sandwich, thiboudienne, and the fried appetizers the name for which I cannot recall. If you ask for it, they have an blazing habernero-based condiment that only further brightens the lively, yet home-spun flavors. If you get the sorrel punch, you will find not the excessively sweet flor de jamaica mixture that one gets at a taqueria, but a quencher with subtle tones of mint and cinnamom.

*The sole exception has been the fish bollette sandwich, the meat of which was cool, tough, and badly flavored.

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  1. Hmmm. I was just browsing their menu last night on my way into Spice Room. It looked pretty tasty, will definitely have to give them a try sometime this week.

    1. Wanted to piggyback on equinose's recommendation. We visited recently and ordered the lamb mafe, the veggie yassa, and the fried appetizers the name for which apparently none of us can recall. I drank the sorrel punch and the gal ordered bouye, a drink made from sweetened baobab fruit.

      Everything was very good, but the highlights were the mafe and the bouye.

      The mafe, a stew of tender lamb shoulder, perfectly cooked carrots, cassava, and yam in a creamy smooth peanut broth was frankly tough to stop eating.

      The bouye was a slightly sweet, slightly thick treat with notes that I'd probably describe as almond and dates with maybe the slightest touch of vanilla. The sorrel punch, on the other hand, was bright and invigorating.

      Each entree came with a large mound of jasmine rice, probably a little much for us, although I have absolutely no idea what "traditional" proportions might be. Next time we might see about subbing in a salad for some of the rice.

      And definitely ask for the "hot sauce" that equinose mentions above, a thick habanero- (and nut?) based paste that is wonderful stirred into the mafe or spread atop that fried app.