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Jun 18, 2012 12:26 PM

[DFW] Best Pozole [DFW]

Doe anyone have any recommendations for a good bowl of pozole. I don't care if it has any meat or not. I just want a simple but flavorful broth, a few fresh corn tortillas and a side plate of shredded cababge, jalapenos, cilantro, limes and shaker of Mexican oregano. I don't care if it in Terell, McKinney, Fort Worth.....I just need a good bowl from time to time without having to drive to Houston.

I had a good bowl in Houston at Gorditas Aguascalientes on Bissonnet. I also had a few bites of the Gorditas de carne de puerco/chile rojo which is probably their best.

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  1. LH, I think El Tizoncito's (3) locations have pozole. I'm going to the new Lemmon Ave. location tonight and I'll confirm.

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      LH, Leon (El Tizoncito's owner) told me he only serves it in September when it is traditionally served and, at it's best.

      Btw, The food at El Tizoncito is fantastic!!! They even use a trompo to make the Al Pastor and everything is made in house. And, no shortcuts are taken. This way, they can make and serve the finest Mexico City style food in Dallas. And I'm talking, waaaay beyond tacos! Even their desserts are first class.

    2. I don't order it often in this weather, but Cuquitas does a passable posole.

      1. Using the Trompo at El Tizoncito for cutting off slices of Al Pastor.

        1. Virginia's on Hampton in Oak Cliff. I think just weekends. Great chilaquiles too (I prefer the red).

          Also over here, Juanita's on weekends. I like Virginia's posole better, but I love that Juanita's uses lengua, as well as pork. And they give you some really good chicharon on the sides plate. I am a big fan of their shrimp diablo and chicken mole (made from scratch) and sometimes take home some of their house made fresh chorizo.