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Jun 18, 2012 12:25 PM

Tough choice--L'Arpege or Le Grand Vefour, and more

Mother meets teenage son in Paris after he's been back backing for 3 weeks and wants to blow his socks off w a great meal, since he's a eater, and will be starved for a great meal. Was able to get a rez at these two fab places, but cant decide which.

Also..there's room in our itinerary for one more meal on the preceding day, either a lunch or dinner. Would so appreciate a great counterpoint to these two...maybe a steak place to counter L'Arpege, or a wonderful Brasserie to counter Le Grand Vefour? Location/cost not much of an issue, staying near the Eiffel Tower.

And while at it...if there's a light place for lunch near or enroute to Versailles/ Giverny welcome.

Welcome CH wisdom, as always.

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  1. Vegetable tasting menu at Arpege was fantastic the one time I ate there.

    1. hmmm "wonderful brasserie" is an oxymoron in Paris in my experience.

      1. LGV has a superb cheese course and the appearance of the room is amazing, old time glass and light wood., if you pick that one ask for Colette's table.
        If you want a steak place, mine is L'Ami Louis for their cotes de boeuf for 2, l will be doing that on Sunday. They are closed Mon/Tues