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Jun 18, 2012 12:23 PM

Dinner with in laws in Stowe, VT

Looking for somewhere to go with the in-laws in Stowe. I live in Stowe and have eaten pretty much everywhere and am pretty jaded about the restaurants here.

They are not adventurous eaters, by the way.

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  1. Other than "not adventurous" do you have any criteria to go by? Price point? I know it's not IN Stowe but it's close enough, how about Hen of the Woods? Marsala Salsa? Park Row? Juniper's Fare? All in Waterbury but I know them better. :) Without more information about what meals/prices/atmosphere/type of food it's hard to offer good suggestions :)

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      Hen of the Wood is my favorite restaurant -we usually go there for special occasions.
      We ended up taking them to Gracie's in Stowe. Good plain food.
      Thanks Morganna!

      1. re: inngirl

        Inngirl-have you been to Crop Bistro? Am curious as to how it is.

        1. re: bm_vt

          I have eaten there twice-once right after they opened and it was a disaster all the way around. We went back a couple of months later and it was fine-I had a burger and my husband had short ribs and both were good. Other friends have returned and have had bad experiences and have said they will not go back. The place is very attractive and wish it was better-it is 1/2 mile from my house-but I think they have made the menu too complicated - if I could recommend anything to them I would recommend that during "high season" when the restaurant is packed with tourists they stick to a simpler menu that their staff could handle-save the complex sauces, etc. for low season when you aren't serving hundreds every night.

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            Great, of course I just bought a Town Pool coupon for them lol...we'll have to hit them mid-week in November or something. :) Thanks for the heads up!