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Jun 18, 2012 11:34 AM

Bourbon Cherry Preserves Turned Gummy

I made a batch of bourbon cherry preserves with no added pectin and it turned out gummy. I tested for set every two minutes and it seemed okay when I took it off the heat. I added the bourbon as called for in the recipe and processed in a water bath canner. The finished product can only be described as, well, gummy. Not at all preserve-like. I've never worked with alcohol in preserves before, so was wondering if this was the expected result. Or is there some other explanation? Before I spend another $15 on cherries, I need some guidance. Thanks.

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  1. Gummy jams and jellies typically result from over cooking.

    1. It is not the alcohol. It is over cooked.

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      1. re: meatn3

        Thanks for your diagnosis. I will have another try and stop cooking sooner.

        1. re: AmyMad

          You might also consider reducing the level of heat (how vigorously you boil the fruit) to bring it up to final temperature more slowly, then getting it off the heat as quickly as possible when it's done.

      2. Hi, Amy - as others have said, it sounds like overcooking.

        But I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to post/share your recipe. It sounds good and cherries are at the farmers market right now. Thanks.