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Jun 18, 2012 10:37 AM

Bistro Bohem - GO!

I was excited to try Bistro Bohem, as it's in my neighborhood and we tend to get worked up about any and all new restaurants. But what was amazing was that it wasn't just great for the neighborhood, it was great in general.

I went with my notoriously picky parents when they were visiting, and my mother announced at one point that she was going to cry from the deliciousness. The table of six next to us was equally enamored and kept ordering more plates (at one point, one of the guys said "Order all the things!").

We had the fried mushrooms with paprika dipping sauce (never frozen mushrooms, so they were creamy on the inside, not soggy), the incredible homemade pierogi with cream sauce that was to die for, the peppery and spoon tender beef goulash, the potato pancakes with spicy chicken and red pepper paprika cream sauce (the potato pancakes were mashed potatoes rather than grated, which was interesting to me), and the juicy and crunchy chicken schnitzel on creamy potato salad with gherkins in it for sweetness. Then we shared a huge portion of house-made tiramisu, which was surprising. It wasn't overly sweet, it wasn't gloppy or soggy, and it had walnuts for texture.

For all I know, that's a traditional Czech way to make it, but I'd never had it like that before, and it was really eye-opening. Definitely worth a trip to Shaw!

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  1. Yum, looks really good. I have fond memories of the food consumed on several trips to the Czech Republic. Bummer that it isn't open for lunch. Need a place to take son #1 for lunch to celebrate 8th grade promotion (eyes rolling mildly - who doesn't pass 8th grade??). Eden Center is our default celebratory spot.

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      Have you posted a thread here asking for suggestions? It's amazing what people come up with sometimes. Like, Fast Gourmet could be a fun spot to take a kid. He'd think it's pretty cool to eat lunch at a gas station.

    2. Location, location, location?

      We don't all know where you live (yet) ;)

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        "Definitely worth a trip to Shaw!"

        There you go! (Specifically, it's at Florida and 6th. or Google it for the menu!)

      2. Finally checked this place out last weekend and we were blown away. We shared the pork shank ($26), which consisted of a perfectly roasted lovely caramelly delicious shank, caraway-inflected saurkraut, fresh white bread, and four cold salads (2 of the four were good, other 2 were just okay). Absolutely delicious. We also shared the pierogi appetizer, which was fine but I did not love the cream sauce that the fried pierogis were bathed in. Too rich for me, which is rarely the case. We also had some beer and a nice cocktail, and the service was lovely and friendly. Totally unpretentious and solid neighborhood spot, with really surprisingly carefully prepared food. Large portions as well.

        1. The wife and I have been interested in trying it would we fare with a little one sleeping in his car seat there? Are the tables really tightly packed?

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            I think it would be fine. Perhaps ask for a table along the wall with bench seating for some flexibility. Also, I popped into the new Kafe Bohem next door. It's a WONDERFUL little coffee house.

          2. Glad you had a good meal here. A friend and I went and were definitely underwhelmed by the food, cocktails, and (worst of all) service. In fact, I thought everything was below average (and I am not picky). But we may have just caught the kitchen, staff and bar on a bad night. I'll go back sometime and hope for the best.