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Jun 18, 2012 10:34 AM

Best local raw honey

Apologies if this has been covered (didn't find any threads), but I'm looking for any recommendations on the best locally-produced, raw honey available. Google brings up a few vendors (Ames Farm, Bare Honey, Beez Kneez), but any recommendations/suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. For actual branded honey, I'm partial to Ames Farm because they're hyper local to me, it's sold at my co-op and I know them to be thoughtful land stewards. It's what I buy when I run out of what I get from beekeeping friends and friends of friends. It's nice that they offer single source varieties, too.
    I got some from a producer someplace up near Anoka at the farmers market last summer--"hot honey" with chili peppers in it which is awesome on cornbread.
    I'm really not picky, but the closer to me the better. Anything from anyone local.

    1. There is one from Sogn Valley that I get at Whole Foods (and see at the co-ops). It's really tasty! It comes in a big mason-type jar and it never lasts long in our house.

      1. I buy one at Mississippi Market that comes in Mason jars and is from Dennison, MN. I don't remember the name. Wonderful and a bit less expensive than Ames Farm.

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